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Did you know that you can have super soft towels in no time? You just have to use something that will allow you to achieve results like those of luxury hotels. Let’s find out what you need to use!

Do you want have very soft towels at homei like those of luxury hotels? You can have them too, just use something that makes them fluffy. But what? These are some ingredients that will allow you to soften the fabric and get fluffy towels. Here’s what they are and how you should use them!

Why do towels get rough

Inevitable in the bathroom, towels are indispensable for the face, hands, shower and we all have the habit of making them available in the room. Perfect for wrapping the body and letting yourself be pampered by the sponge or other fabrics with which they are made, they must but be treated well to remain soft.

very soft and perfumed towels –

Indeed, it happens to end up with rough towels, which scrape the skin and the effect is not absolutely pleasant. THE aggressive detergents I am responsible for this result And when it happens, action needs to be taken.

These detergents contain enzymes, bleaches, surfactants, all substances that are useful for disinfecting fabrics. So let’s find out how to properly treat the cotton with which the towels are made.

What to do to make towels soft

A solution to make soft and soft towels is to use fabric softener. It is a product that generally has an exceptional action on the sponge, because it enters the fibers and makes them softer.

However, fabric softener may also have in the composition surfactants, substances considered harmful and highly polluting. In practice, the fabric softener does nothing but cover the sponge with the chemical elements with which it is made.

The electricity given by the surfactants helps to make the fabric fluffier and softer, but at the same time the chemicals are not good for the skin. In fact, it is the skin that feels the consequences that comes into contact with towels washed with surfactants and therefore also risk contracting allergies.

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Two ingredients to have very soft towels

How fight the limescale that the water does it help to form on the sponges during washing? It is precisely the limestone that gets between the fibers that makes the towels rough. To make them fluffy and soft, the best way is to use natural ingredients.

Specifically, there are two ingredients you can use to achieve this result. We are talking about lemon juice and white vinegar. These are two effective natural ingredients, without any contraindications, capable of making towels soft and also removing bad smells.

washed and scented towels –

The action vinegar helps not to retain mineral salts in the fibers and just put it in the prewash for super soft towels. Just three lemons and 100ml of white vinegar are enough to obtain an effective solution, which makes fabrics soft and fluffy. Here’s what you need to do:

  • squeeze the lemons and filter the juice
  • mix the juice with the vinegar
  • pour the solution into the prewash compartment

Afterwards, wash the towels again, using the right amount of detergent, and rinse thoroughly. Don’t leave them too much in the sun to dry, or the fabrics will dry out and become stiff. By following these guidelines, you will obtain towels as soft as those found in luxury hotels!


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