Cosa Nostra, the two intercepted bosses criticize Riina: “He led to destruction”. While they admire Buscetta: “he had 7 pairs of balls”

Cosa Nostra, the two intercepted bosses criticize Riina: “He led to destruction”. While they admire Buscetta: “he had 7 pairs of balls”
Cosa Nostra, the two intercepted bosses criticize Riina: “He led to destruction”. While they admire Buscetta: “he had 7 pairs of balls”
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“Anything infamous thingsbut why all of these too bombs all these judges, all these… but what are they… it’s not in the DNA of this thing. The bombs out there, do die innocent people”. The tranchant judgment on the massacre turn wanted by Toto Riina it is picked up by the carabinieri of Palermo last year July 5th. I am speaking Gaetano Badagliacca And Antoninus Ringboth arrested (the first in prison, the second under house arrest) in Tuesday’s operation which led to the arrest of 7 people at the head of the mandate of Rocca Mezzo Monrealesubordinate to that of Pagliarelli. One statutewell-defined rules and a contested ethics: there is even this in the eavesdropping of the carabinieri of the provincial command of Palermo. From the papers of the DDA investigation, led by the head of the prosecutor’s office Maurice de Lucia and from the adjunct Paul I drivea conviction emerges on the bloody and massacre turn of Toto Riinafor a conduct far from the mafia’s code of honor, which did not want victims innocent and that he didn’t put the profit ahead of everything. It is the judgment of a part of the mandate of Rocca Mezzo Monrealebut it is a cross-section that opens up a global reading of the mafia organization – even “democratic”, according to them.

Once upon a time there was a Cosa nostra, then Riina destroyed everything – Gaetano Badagliacca and Antonino Anello, writes the investigating judge Lirio Conti in the pre-trial detention order – they criticized bitterly the mafiosi who had allied themselves with Totò Riina, including the historic district chief Antoninus Rollfor which, always according to them, the Death penalty, averted only thanks to imprisonment”. The two despise the bloody strategy of Riina, the massacre turning point and murders like that of the little one Joseph DiMatteo, defined as “an innocent”. And there is some meloncholy in the words of Ring for one Cosa nostra before Riina: “We were i masters of the world”, he says speaking to Gioacchino, while being intercepted. And Badagliacca replies: “No and all things are finished…Zu Ninì when a person has the delusion of omnipotence… To make anything work it always takes equilibrium, and balance is balance, it’s not like you can weigh everything on one side, because you break. You pull the rope and you break it Uncle Ninì … because he ate everything, he brought the destruction”. And Ring agrees: “To the destruction, he destroyed everything.” Badagliacca continues: “No but then … Zu Ninì, do you know what it is? It is not that one, one is not that he wants to justify, because one makes a choice in life and must always carry it forward until death, however he has led people to the point of no longer believing in what he does ”.

In the dialogue between the two there is then a moment in which the admiration for shines through Thomas Buscetta: “I remember your grandfather’s good soul how many times we went up there that was the first repentant, what’s his name? Buscetta! They went to see Buscetta and your grandfather told me that he was a Christian with seven pairs of balls Buscetta,” Ring said. And the other adds: “But why tell me one thing but what does Buscetta have to do with it… even before he repented, before he did it, he killed them the whole family”. Then later in the conversation he resumes: “But I hear you say when you get to grips with the cops what, what do you hear (ed. you want to do)? That is, it really had become, but then again, Zu Ninì is not in the DNA of this thing. The bombs out there, let innocent people die… To say: ‘well, let’s let an innocent person die’, but because if he dies…, you die, your daughter dies, would you like it? Which is innocent. But what was Zu Ninì. Indeed one on the contrary says: look (…inc…) kill an innocent, and then leave him alive, when it’s possible it’s done… But why are these honest things? Things of a Christian who he has honor is?”. Riina and Brusca and their methods they were not worthy of Cosa Nostraaccording to the judgment of the two, while Bernard Provenzano “see that It was not like this”, underlines Ring.

Contacts with Matteo Messina Denaro – “Then keep in touch, in fact I need favors there … that there are all the fugitives …”. So he spoke Antoninus Rollone of Riina’s best-known allies, in a recorded conversation on July 27, 2005. Roll was addressed to Peter Badagliacca, who was also arrested in Tuesday’s operation. For a long time considered “a highly esteemed and respected person in the top circles of the entire mafia organization, to the point that the same district boss Antonino Rotolo had thought of him for weave the alliances with the heads of districts of the Trapani area and with the same Matthew Messina Moneyreferring to the mandate of Castelvetrano”. To act through the son Angelo Badagliacca who passed i pizzas di Pietro a Rotolo to update him on the Trapani man’s inaction: “He says in the meantime that he spoke to the one from Trapani for…”.

“Therefore, since the early 2000s, it had emerged not only the top role assumed by Peter Badagliaccaassisted by his son Angelo, in the family of Half Monrealebut also the mafia caliber of both, due to the delicate fiduciary activities reserved for them by the district boss, which the periods of imprisonment suffered, as we will see, have not in any way mitigated, on the contrary, accentuating their mafia authority in the area”. An authority that will lead his nephew Gioacchino to accompany Bernardo Provenzano to Marseille where he would have been operated on for a cancer.

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The reunion – An argument between uncle and nephew seemingly incurable is at the origin of a meeting which took place at the 5 September 2022 in a property of Michele Saittaalso arrested on Wednesday, in the Judeca district of Butera, a Caltanissetta. Here you meet all the mafia district of Rocca Mezzo Monreale. At the head of the district are the Badagliaccas, a solid dome thanks also to family ties, the brothers Peter And Gaetano Badagliacca they moved the sisters Rosaria And Persico Letiziadaughters of Joachim, called “u spurpato”. At the head of the mandate remains Pietro, the only one still alive of that generation – Gaetano died in 2020 – and commands, according to what was reconstructed by the investigators, with the help of his son Angelo and his nephew Joachim. With the latter, however, the differences diverge more and more after the death of Gaetano. Matters hereditary, especially regarding a parking space, the proceeds of which, from the death of Gaeatano, also went to his brother Pietro. A change that Gioacchino did not like, who complained several times during the meeting poor management of the uncle at the head of the district, too concentrated on making money and only for himself, not for the Cosa Nostra family.

The siblings settle the matter Easter And Michele Saitta. The discussion goes on for a long time and against Gioacchino, whose uncle Pietro had even “kissed his hands”, as a sign of submission to reconcile. A gesture that is not enough for Gioacchino who at one point even fears the idea of ​​leaving What our. Because for him Cosa Nostra means “the most total democracy”, because despite the hierarchical apparatus “we are one and the same… because between you and me there is no difference because tomorrow I can be the head of the family, tomorrow I can also become a… soldier , then I become head of district, then I become a soldier…’”. But with bitterness Gioacchino proposes his “step back: maybe it’s the best thing… I’m going to work”. At this point, however, it is his uncle Pietro who reminds him that it is not possible: “You see that it is more difficult to get in than to get out”. A decision of a step backwards but only “temporary” in case only those who had baptized him could have taken it, or rather his “godfather” who however cannot because he is in prison. At that point Gioacchino finally capitulated: “Listen uncle… hug mehere I am”, “fuck, my blood”, exclaims the uncle, finally relieved.

Finally resolved diatribe in the family, the murder of the architect can be decided Attilius Dimitri, who had wronged Gioacchino. The murder will be decided during that meeting but then foiled by them carabinieri they had heard everything. And Saitta had foreseen it: “… Gioacchino there are some actions that are done and which can lead to consequences … omitted … because you do one of these … in the meantime the Police Forces … omitted … the Police increase i check … omitted … things get complicated”.

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