“It’s 100 hours away.” Geo Barents towards La Spezia, but the NGO still complains

“It’s 100 hours away.” Geo Barents towards La Spezia, but the NGO still complains
“It’s 100 hours away.” Geo Barents towards La Spezia, but the NGO still complains
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The NGO ship Geo Barents, which had been operating off the Libyan coast in international waters for about 48 hours, today brought on board 69 people traveling on board a small boat. In the evening, Italy has agreed a port for the ship, which if she wants to land in Italy she will have to arrive in La Spezia, Liguria, well further north than the northernmost port of Corsica, France.

Obviously, once the port has been assigned, the protest of the NGOs arrives, which continue to claim to disembark the migrants in Sicily or, in any case, in southern Italy. For weeks, the government has underlined that the ports of southern Italy will not be assigned to NGO ships for the moment because the reception system in those areas is congested after years in which all the ships, in turn, have landed the migrants there. Southern Italy is already managing the autonomous landings and those directly coordinated by the government system, formed by coast guard and financial police patrol boats. Therefore, given that the NGOs themselves declare that the larger ships are structured to stay up to a week waiting for the small boats in international waters, they can face a journey of a few days to the ports established by the government, which has full decision-making legitimacy.

Instead, on time, the complaints of the NGOs arrive: “We have been assigned the port of La Spezia. distance 100 hours of navigation from where we are right now“. As always, it is right to remember that the NGOs could shorten the landing times if they headed for Tunisia, just a few hours away from the point that is constantly patrolled by NGO ships, or they could insist on Malta, as they have always done with Italy, pressing against their borders. Instead, it seems, the NGOs prefer to face 100 hours of navigation to reach La Spezia rather than disembark the migrants in other countries which the UN considers safe. Adequate explanations for these decisions have not yet been provided, also considering that the interventions of the NGOs are not carried out in the Italian Sar area and that the closest Pos are those provided by Tunisia, in fact, and by Malta.

If the port of La Spezia is so far away, during the ascent of the Mediterranean why doesn’t the NGO ask France to open a port in Corsica? The constant complaints of the ships of the civilian fleetsupported by the Italian left, have no justification, because Italy is not the only country facing the Mediterranean where it is possible to dock.

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