Garden, this plant is beautiful but it ruins your lungs: many have it

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Maintaining a beautiful garden is the passion of many people. Sometimes, however, beautiful and dangerous plants can be hidden: this one is incredibly widespread.

You have a green thumb and maybe even the luck to have a beautiful garden that you can adorn with some wonderful plants. But you know that some of these can be toxic and even very dangerous for human beings?

It’s an underrated problem, especially if you’ve inherited the garden and aren’t aware of all the plants you water every day. You probably are fascinated by their incredible beautynot knowing however that they can hide pitfallsespecially if you have children or pets at home.

We have selected a few for you toxic plants widespread in Italy and which you may therefore have in your garden without being aware of their effects. Maybe you will have to make some changes…

What are the dangerous plants you can have in the garden

Knowing how to identify the most dangerous species exactly is not easy, but thanks to our guide you will certainly be able to be more careful in choosing the variants to plant and take care of in your garden.

Garden plants with watering can –

Aconic Napello

This herbaceous plant belongs to the Ranunculaceae family: particularly widespread in the Alps, it looks like an old helmet and is very poisonous. Note that the poison from its leaves was used to poison spear tips in battle.

The most common symptoms that indicate the erroneous ingestion of this plant include vomiting, diarrhea, burning in the mouth and, in the most serious cases, rapid heart rate, irregular blood pressure, coma and death.


Perhaps this plant is even more famous and we are sure you will be sorry to find it in this list. It is spread literally everywhere in our country, but it can be a concentrate of substances toxic to humans.

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Seeds are made of cytisine, an alkaloid which in small doses can have “interesting” diuretic and laxative effects. If the doses increase dramatically, however, seizures can occur with the possibility that they lead to hallucinations, vomiting, nausea and even coma.

Atropa belladonna

Despite the name, the pretty Woman it is one of the best known poisonous plants. Widespread in most of the world, it can be found in our parts as well as in the Himalayas.

Its substances have the ability to alter, even seriously, our nervous system: Salivation, sweating, pupil dilation, urination, digestion and other bodily functions would all be affected by the poison of the plant.

Belladonna leaves and seeds –

We know what you’re thinking: belladonna is not used in some cultures also for medical purposes? It is absolutely true, but there is still no scientific evidence to that effect.

In any case, belladonna leaves, in traditional medicine, are useful for relieving any gastrointestinal or muscular pain or bronchitis. Let’s talk about anyway preparations through specific extracts and in very small dosesbecause even the leaves are toxic, without forgetting that any ingestion of the berries can have serious effects, including coma and death.

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