he used an assault rifle

he used an assault rifle
he used an assault rifle
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The party for the New Year’s China turned into the worst nightmare in Monterey Park, where a man armed with an assault rifle slaughtered ten people in a dance hall. The umpteenth shooting of mass in the United States and the bloodiest massacre since the tragedy in the elementary school of Uvalde, in Texas, last May. The horror in the town 13 kilometers from Los Angeles, where the majority of the population is of Asian origin, began shortly after 10pm on Saturday evening.

The streets, festively decorated to welcome the arrival of the year of the rabbit, were crowded with tens of thousands of people. An Asian man aged between 30 and 50 broke into the Star Ballroom Dance Studio armed with a “powerful assault rifle”, according to some police sources although there is still no official confirmation, and shot dead on track five men and five women. Ten other people were injured and are hospitalised. Officers who arrived at the scene said they saw terrified people running away from the club screaming. Scenes of horror and fear too frequent in the United States. And the toll could be much heavier if the killer had decided to pull the trigger on the crowds around the town for the Lunar New Year.

The escape of the killer

After the massacre, the attacker escaped and is still on the run. Twenty minutes later, just three kilometers from the site of the massacre, in the Alhambra, a man entered another Chinese establishment with a pistol but was stopped and disarmed by patrons before the worst happened. Police are investigating to see if the two incidents are connected. “All leads are open,” said Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna, who did not rule out the hypothesis of a “hate crime” even if the origin of the killer could suggest another motive. In recent years, the Asian community in the United States has been the victim of several episodes of violence, the worst of which was on March 16, 2021, when eight people were killed, including three women, in three different massage parlors in Atlanta, Georgia.

Governor’s words

“The people of Monterey Park should have had a night of joyous celebration. Instead she fell victim to a horrific and ruthless act of gun violence,” California Governor Gavin Newsom wrote on Twitter. Joe Biden, who has been campaigning for years against gun violence and for the imposition of a ban on assault rifles, has asked the FBI to assist local investigators in the investigation. “Jill and I are praying for those who were killed and injured in last night’s deadly mass shooting in Monterey Park,” the American president wrote on Twitter, urging the local community “to follow the directions of law enforcement in the next few months.” hours”. The fear is that the killer, on the run and armed, could carry out other acts of violence, for this reason all the parties planned in Monterey for the Chinese New Year have been cancelled. The massacre in California is the second in less than a week in the state after the killing of six people, including a 16-year-old mother and a 10-month-old baby, in Tulare County. And it’s the 33rd mass shooting in the United States in 2023 alone. Last year there were 648.


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Another shooting took place three kilometers from the place where ten people were killed during the Chinese New Year holidays. Cbs news reports it. No one was injured in this second incident, the police are investigating to see if there are any links to the Monterey massacre. The second shooting, the outlines of which are still unclear, also took place in a Chinese ballroom in the Alhambra.

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