Giancarlo Magalli in Verissimo, the story of the disease

Giancarlo Magalli in Verissimo, the story of the disease
Giancarlo Magalli in Verissimo, the story of the disease
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The Italian conductor talks about his illness in a touching interview accompanied by his daughters Manuela and Michela

Posted on: 22 January 2023 17:11:00

In the episode of January 22nd Of very true, Giancarlo Magalli attend the program Silvia Toffanin as a guest. Accompanied by daughters Manuela And Michelaopens in a touching interview in which he talks about his disease and his path to fight against it.

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Giancarlo Magalli talks about his illness for the first time

Suddenly disappeared from the scene, Giancarlo Magalli back on TV after a long hiatus. The TV presenter announces the topic of his interview with Silvia Toffanin with a post about Facebook in which he reads: “This afternoon on Verissimo I tell my daughters what happened to me and why I stayed away from TV for a few months. Spoiler: it ended well”. Apparently the main cause that temporarily put his career on hold is a bad disease. The first alarm bell is a pain in the spleen, an illness to which he gives little importance at the beginning because it leads back to a fall he made a short time before. As the pain becomes more and more persistent, the conductor decides to do some checks during which he discovers that he has an ongoing infection for which he is hospitalized. The infection passes, but a cold shower arrives: he discovers he has lymphoma near the spleen. “When diagnosed, they told my daughters: if you take care of yourself, you will heal, but if you don’t take care of yourself, you will live for two months,” he tells the Mediaset presenter. He thus underwent a course of chemotherapy and fortunately, as announced in his post on Facebook, “it ended well”.

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