Maria De Filippi offers a job to…

Maria De Filippi offers a job to…
Maria De Filippi offers a job to…
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Here are all the previews on the new episodes of Men and womenrecorded this afternoon.

Below, we report what was revealed through Instagram from Lorenzo Pugnaloni about what will happen in the dating shows of Canale 5 conducted by Maria DeFilippi.

First of all, the first of the advances: not even today there have been the choices of the tronistas Lavinia Mauro And Frederick Nicotera.

In addition:

Lavinia she looked for both suitors in the dressing room and kissed them both, that is, she had an external with each of them. In the episode, however, discussions arise because she says they don’t do anything for her and she doesn’t dance with either of them.

Mary offers a job Alice Barisciani because she was fired at the place where she works for her commitment with recordings and time etc..

Frederick led outdoors Alice and kissed her. Her external took place in her dressing room after he waited for her at the end of the last taping. The kiss was very intense. He hasn’t announced yet when he’s going to pick.

Carola was present, she saw the kiss but she wasn’t annoyed as usual, in the sense that she didn’t intervene getting angry. When Mary he asked her what she thought of the outside, she replied: “What do you want him to think? There’s not much to say“.

There was no mention of new tronista Nicole.

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That’s it for the Classic Throne. About Throne Over:

After yesterday’s registration new chaotic moment for Blaise which also discusses at the study center with Carla.

Carla he wants to get to know other people and if he has time, he stated, he will date again too Blaise.

Claudius closed with Gem (the two had felt to get to know each other) saying that there was no feeling immediately between them.

Richard And Glory still in the centre, he asked to see her yesterday and she said no. On her phone, he told her that her feeling was almost close to her love. But in the studio, attacked by everyone, he didn’t want to repeat it in front of her. He got up and left the studio.

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