Bitter land, another tomorrow plots fiction Mediaset 16-21 January

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The broadcasting of Mediaset dramas continues, i.e Bitter land And Another tomorrow: here’s what will happen from 16 to 21 January. Dramas, intrigues and many surprises arriving in the beloved Canale 5 series, broadcast in the daytime slot: here’s what will happen in the next episodes.

New episodes coming for the drama of the flagship network of Mediaset. Except for the brief stops during Boxing Day and Epiphany, the series did not pause, continuing to be broadcast uninterrupted even during the holidays. Now that the holidays are over, the appointments of the Turkish soap continue unabated Bitter land and the Spanish series Another tomorrow. Dramas, twists and more are coming to Canale 5. So here’s what will happen in the episode on the air from 16 to 21 January 2023.

Zuleyha in “Terra amara” and Carmen in “Another Tomorrow” (screenshot Mediaset Infinity) – VelvetMag

Bitter land continues with new episodes: previews of Mediaset fiction until 21 January

After the airing of BeautifulCanale 5 daytime continues under the banner of Turkish soap Bitter landstarting from 14.10. In the episode of the Mediaset fiction of Monday 16 January, Yilmaz and Mujgan they have reconciled and seem to have recovered serenity. However, theAkkaya he will prove firm in his decisions and tell her that he cannot pretend that nothing has happened with Demir. After telling her about her talks with the Yaman, Yilmaz will confess to her that she will never be able to forgive Demir for what he did to him. In the episode of Tuesday 17 January, Zuleyha is recovering. Her husband, to promote her recovery, decides to show her the little one for a short time Adnan.

For the Altun, that fleeting visit will be a Source of further suffering, accentuated by the fact that Yilmaz has not shown up. Yet, she is certain that Gulten sent him the farewell letter, written shortly before cut his veins. Nonetheless, she will have the opportunity to escape, after having overheard a conversation. Mediaset fiction will continue with the episode of Wednesday 18 January. Zuleyha hopes to get her husband’s permission to attend the taxpayer awards ceremony in Adana. Altun would like to meet for be able to Yilmaz. The confrontation between the former seamstress and her husband will not go as hoped. Cetinmeanwhile, is sure that Demir is the instigator of the attack against Fekeli. She will confront him about it who, however, forces him not to talk about it with Yilmaz. Saniyehowever, is about to discover something shocking.

Zuleyha in a frame taken from “Terra amara” (Mediaset Infinity screenshot) – VelvetMag

Zuleyha learns that Yilmaz and Mujgan have got engaged officially

The Mediaset drama will continue with the episode of Thursday 19 January. Gaffur beg for forgiveness Saniye, but without success. Meanwhile, Zuleyha discovers that Yilmaz and Mujgan they are officially engaged and he will take it out on Gulten, blaming her for not sending the revealing letter to the former. Gulten, however, fulfilled his commission. Meanwhile, a rumor about a presumed miscarriage of the Altun. For Sermin and Fusun it is unthinkable that the former seamstress had relations with Demir, given their constant conflicts. In the episode of Friday 20 January, Zuleyha keeps thinking about Yilmaz. Even L’Akkaya keeps thinking about her. For their part, Demir and Mujgan will also notice it. In the meantime, Fekeli brings Hunkar in the place where, as a boy, he suffered for her. Once they arrive in a refuge, due to bad weather, the spark will ignite between the two.

In the appointment of Saturday 21 JanuaryDemir will tell Zuleyha that he will only allow her to date Seher. The former seamstress is desperate and the Yaman tells her that she can choose: either she will always be escorted around her, or she must convince him that she is no longer in love with Yilmaz. Only in this way will she be free again and reunited with the little one Adnan. Meanwhile, Gaffur where was Hunkar last night, and asks for information to Raciwhich, however, will not spill the beans.


Another tomorrow the daytime of Canale 5 closes: previews until 20 January

It belongs to the Spanish soap Another tomorrow the task of closing the Canale 5 daytime, starting from around 4.45 pm. In the episode of the Mediaset fiction of Monday 16 January, Julia has been in a constant bad mood since learning of his parents’ divorce, Diana And Oscars. thyrsusmore and more attracted to Olga, does not know how to console Julia. Also Sergius, who has a different view than his own, doesn’t know what to do. In the meantime, Chloe and Dani they start feeling again. Maria, however, doesn’t know whether to close contacts again or whether to tell her friend the truth. In the episode of Tuesday 17 January, Victor And Francisco manage to escape unscathed from the commotion that broke out at the Club, caused by the two armed men they were playing cards. One of the two, however, would have recognized the young man, because he was the son of their boss, Ventura. The Villanueva he asks the Velez de Guevara Jr not to say anything about what happened. Rumors, however, will begin to circulate.

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Julia in a frame taken from
Julia in a frame from “Another Tomorrow” (Mediaset Infinity screenshot) – VelvetMag

The Mediaset drama will continue with the episode of Wednesday 18 January. Angel doesn’t want to let ad know Alice to have caught her: you know that was her who tried to poison Ines. He promises to meet her mother but the meeting will not go as Alicia had hoped. The girl will reveal to Linda her doubts about the veracity of Godoy’s feelings towards her. Meanwhile, Victor confronts Ines: he will reveal his intention to tell him what he told the Colonial Guard about Ventura. In the episode of Thursday 19 January, Carmen and Kyros they started dating again, but without letting anyone know. The girl, however, fears that someone might have discovered them, and she goes into the ballpark. The worker will try to calm her down.

In the appointment of Saturday 20 January, Julia continues to be nervous, often picking on Sergio. The latter, for her part, will seek answers to the state of mind of his fiancée in his diary. But Julia will find out and go into a rage. Meanwhile, Oscar hopes that Diana will agree to divorce her without creating too many problems, but he leaves for Shanghai without having first confronted her.

Mediaset dramas also on Italia 1 and Rete 4

The appointments with dramas also continue on the other Mediaset networks. On Rete 4, the events of The secret, on air from 12.25. Next, come back Murder, she wrote, starting at 13.00. After the counter of Forumsat 14.00, the program will be broadcast Day diary, at 15.30. Italia 1 also opens under the banner of entertainment. From 13:50 to 15:20 will be broadcast, in fact, The Simpsons. Italia 1 daytime will continue from 3.35pm to 5.25pm ​​with two episodes of the US series NCIS Los Angeles and from 17.30 to 18.25 it will be on air The Mentalist.

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