the escape to the bathroom, the signal to the waiter and the responsibilities of the restaurant (which defends itself)

the escape to the bathroom, the signal to the waiter and the responsibilities of the restaurant (which defends itself)
the escape to the bathroom, the signal to the waiter and the responsibilities of the restaurant (which defends itself)
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An unheeded alarm, an unheeded request for help. Then the tragedy. A series of signals that if implemented perhaps could have saved Martina Scialdonethe 34-year-old lawyer killed in front of the restaurant Bradin Zone Appia. But those who work in the restaurant assure: «Martina was never kicked out of the bathroom of our restaurant, she went out alone and we were all now convinced that the man had disappeared because he had already left the restaurant. Indeed, we have tried to protect it. Then she too went away: the poor girl was killed about a hundred meters from our restaurant, only after being hit did she come back injured and we immediately took action to help her ». The Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office also disputes the premeditation of Costantino Bonaiuti. Among the accusations made by the prosecutors of Piazzale Clodio, in addition to aggravated voluntary homicide, also the abject and futile reasons and to have acted against a person to whom the man was romantically linked. The validation interrogation will take place tomorrow morning.

The last message, the unheeded request to the restaurant

Martina had understood during dinner that she was in danger. The discussion with the ex partner Costantino Bonaiuti it had become too heated and for this reason she had locked herself in the bathroom. At 11.17 pm on Friday, the message to his brother Lorenzo, directly from the Brado restaurant in via Amelia, where the two had arranged to meet. The couple – according to some reconstructions – are asked to leave the club precisely because they are too noisy. Just before it seems that Martina tried to get the attention of a waiter with the excuse of a cigarette but the boy, busy at work, didn’t understand that request for help. The lawyer probably hoped that someone would distract her partner and then leave the restaurant and go home. But the man managed to reach her and the argument continued in the street, where the man then shot her. In the meantime, her brother Lorenzo joined her but when he arrived on the spot for the young woman – who in the meantime had returned to the restaurant injured – it was already too late. She slumped to the ground in her brother’s arms as the killer ran away. Bonaiuti in fact he tried to flee but was stopped after a few minutes by the police, to whom he handed over the gun.

Martina Scialdone’s killer, who is Costantino Bonaiuti: the diagnosis of two tumors and the passion for weapons

The cancer of man and the previous Campiti

For months she had been trying to close a long and intense story that tied her to Costantino Bonaiuti, 61 years old and engineer of the National Agency for Flight Assistance (Enav). Her ex-boyfriend who became her killer when, after a heated argument in the restaurant, she pointed a long-barreled 22-caliber pistol at her, shooting her in the chest. One shot that left no way out for the girl meanwhile joined by her brother: Lorenzo he couldn’t help but hug her as she died in his arms. While the girl was dying in the square in front of the restaurant, her killer got into the car and went home. The police officers from the Flying Department found him in his apartment on the third floor of Via Monte Grimano, in Fidene Colle Salario, where they proceeded with the arrest for voluntary homicide with the aggravating circumstance of premeditation. For hours he was interrogated at the police station and the investigators began to draw the outline of the tragedy. From the shipwrecked love story with the resistances of Bonaiuti. To the drama of separation, jealousy and the shadow of another man in the victim’s life. Again: the disease, lung and brain cancer, which is advancing in the body of the killer.


Witnesses to policemen relate the scene they just witnessed. Together with his brother Lorenzo, they provide crucial elements to track down the murderer who has moved away from the scene of the crime. At one o’clock in the morning, twelve cars from the Volanti department surround the building in via Monte Grimano, in Fidene Colle Salario. A handful of meters away where another tragedy took place on 11 December when Claudio Campiti he killed four people, his neighbors, in the bar in via Monte Giberto. And like the killer of the condominium, Bonaiuti was also registered at the Tor di Quinto shooting range. The detectives piece together the killer’s dynamics as they piece together the puzzle. The love story had already lasted for years but the girl wanted to get out of it. She had also sought help from a psychologist. The appointment on Friday evening was supposed to be a meeting to reaffirm that closure. But not for the 61-year-old, who has been suffering from cancer for some time and who could not resign himself to that end.

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