Nepal: plane crashes, at least 69 dead

Nepal: plane crashes, at least 69 dead
Nepal: plane crashes, at least 69 dead
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At least 69 people died in a plane crash on landing in Nepal involving a Yeti Airlines flight with 72 people on board, police said. When night came, the search for survivors of the plane crash was suspended until tomorrow. The airline has announced that the bodies of 69 of the 72 people, 68 passengers and 4 crew members, who were on board the aircraft have been recovered. And spokesman Pemba Sherpa told Tassa’s news agency that there are no survivors and that the reports circulating about the recovery of wounded are false.

The accident occurred in Pokhara, a tourist resort about 200 km north-west of Kathmandu. This was announced by the country’s civil aviation, as reported by the international media.

The Yeti Airlines ATR-72 plane with 72 people on board – including several tourists – crashed in a built-up area between the old Pokhara airport and the city’s new international airport, recently inaugurated. The images of the disaster published by the Nepal Live Today website indeed show the disaster logo with several houses in the background. Upon its impact on the ground, near the Seri River, the plane caught fire and other images and videos published by the Asian media show dense columns of smoke caused by parts of the aircraft on fire. The mayor of Pokhara said the aircraft crashed 2 km from the city’s airport and that there were no fatalities among the city’s residents.

The reasons for the tragedy are not yet clear, the weather conditions were good. It is the worst accident in the last five years in a country that has recorded 309 deaths since 2000 in plane or helicopter crashes.

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Several foreigners were on board the plane, in a statement, the airline, Yeti Airlines, explained that of the 68 passengers, 53 were Nepalese nationals, while 15 were foreigners. The flight had 53 Nepalese, five Indians, four Russians, two Koreans, one Argentinian, one Australian, one Irish and one French national. Nepal Live Today reports it.

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