Crash on the ring road, car pierced by the guard rail: 35-year-old injured

Crash on the ring road, car pierced by the guard rail: 35-year-old injured
Crash on the ring road, car pierced by the guard rail: 35-year-old injured
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LECCE – The terrible crash and the car that is pierced by the guardrail: an accident, which told in this way would lead one to think of the irreparable, because it seems difficult to get out of a similar situation unscathed. And instead, fortunately, for the driver of the car, which was involved in last night’s terrifying accident, the consequences were miraculously limited.

The accident occurred late yesterday evening, on the Tangenziale Est, at the junction for the motorisation, but, as underlined, the 35-year-old, EM, who was driving the Matiz impaled by the guard-rail, was transferred in yellow code to the “Fazzi” from Lecce and his conditions would fortunately not be serious.

It all happened around 10pm, when at the point in question, the small car, in circumstances still being clarified and with dynamics being reconstructed, lost control, crashing violently into the road barrier, up to the incredible carom that led her to be crossed by the iron spike.

The other passing motorists, as soon as they became aware of the scene, promptly called for help: the 118 doctors immediately arrived on the scene, aboard an ambulance, to provide the first aid in the case; the Lecce fire brigade arrived to make the road section safe and remove the damaged vehicle, while the local police officers carried out the surveys, managed the vehicular traffic and are proceeding to reconstruct what happened.

The wounded man, as mentioned, was transported in yellow code to the Lecce hospital for checks. However, this is not the first accident, which ends with the car literally impaled by the guard-rail: a terrifying accident in the same area had already happened last June and unfortunately proved to be fatal. a 28-year-old teacher.

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Another episode had occurred about twenty days earlier, in May, with another car crossed by the iron spike: also on that occasion, a half-miracle for the driver, who got out injured but fortunately alive.

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