Rome, 35 years old killed by the ex, the club: “I did everything possible”

Rome, 35 years old killed by the ex, the club: “I did everything possible”
Rome, 35 years old killed by the ex, the club: “I did everything possible”
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One Last Supper – Costantino Bonaiuti, an engineer of Ethiopian origin, trade unionist of Assivolo, the Enav cadre union, asked for a meeting over dinner – at the Brado restaurant on the corner of via Amelia and via Gubbio, in the Appio Latino district in Rome – with Martina Scialdone, it seems, for the last attempt at reconciliation after the breakup of the relationship. Instead of arriving at a clarification, a furious argument broke out. The 35-year-old would have locked herself in the bathroom to escape the aggression of the ex, while he continued to throw punches at the door, according to reports from the Courier. Since they were disturbing the customers, the venue would invite them out. Before doing so, the young woman – again according to the reconstruction of the newspaper – would have sought the help of a waiter with the excuse of a cigarette, but he would not have understood her SOS.

Outside, Bonaiuti drew his pistol and fired. At a certain point, the victim’s brother also arrived at the scene of the crime. Immediately after the murder, Bonaiuti fled in his own car in the direction of via Tuscolana. The woman died due to the lethal wound caused by the bullet that hit her from a very close distance: the intervention of the 118 workers who tried to revive her was useless.

Meanwhile, numerous patrols moved in pursuit of the man, who was intercepted in the Colle Salario area, at his home, and was stopped. In his apartment there was also the gun used to kill his ex-partner.

The allegations against venue staff and the defense – “Go and see how they behaved with her at the restaurant,” said Martina’s brother. As anticipated, from some testimonies it would seem that the staff invited the two to leave the club. A version denied by one of the restaurant managers, Christian Cataniato the Republic: “We called the police already during the initial quarrel and we asked the girl if she wanted to stay in the club. She said everything was ok and went out to leave: we didn’t kick anyone out”.

Also, according to reports the Republic, some of the witnesses would have reported that the owner of the club would have “opened the bathroom with the double keys and made them leave because they were disturbing”. Brado also denies this detail and reiterates: “The girl was asked if she wanted to stay with us for safety”. And “Martina, despite being scared, would have replied: ‘No, no, it’s all right'”. Investigations will clarify what happened inside the club.

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The post – Meanwhile, Il Brado made the post on Instagram, writing: “Today and tomorrow we will remain closed to express the utmost sensitivity to the victim’s family and friends. We would like to thank our customers who have collaborated to calm the situation and who have been able to ascertain that we have done everything possible by alerting the authorities from the first moment. We also thank in particular one of our clients who, having medical skills, immediately attempted to resuscitate and give rescue to the girl”.

“Regarding the false and defamatory information that is circulating on the web, we would like to emphasize that they do nothing but add pain to this sad story and that they are the result of a reconstruction of the facts released by those who were not even present within the local during the incident. We also point out that we have made ourselves fully available to collaborate with the police who are still carrying out the necessary investigations into the incident”, it continues.

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