“Now I have to shut up.” The decision on his future – Corriere.it

“Now I have to shut up.” The decision on his future – Corriere.it
“Now I have to shut up.” The decision on his future – Corriere.it
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The bitterness of Pope Francis and the invitation to discretion made to Father Georg Gnswein: for him the hypothesis of a diplomatic post in a nunciature abroad or a Roman accommodation, possibly discreet

Friends who have heard him in these hours tell of a man who is embittered for the malicious interpretations of the out-of-context excerpts from his book, released while the funeral of Benedict XVI was being celebrated, but now I have to shut up. Certainly, on Monday morning, Monsignor Georg Gnswein had to speak to Pope Francis about the matter, who received him in audience.

Nothing is officially said from the Vatican. But evident, it is noted, that the Pope has recommended discretion, as he recalled at the last Angelus: God in silence.

Is that to have reason to be embittered, rather, the pontiffwho would have more important things to deal with than his predecessor’s former secretary: just yesterday, in receiving the ambassadors, Francis spoke for the first time since the killing of Mahsa Amini on the ferocious repression of popular protests implemented by the Iranian regime (the life is threatened even where the death penalty continues to be practiced, as is happening these days in Iran, following the recent demonstrations, which ask for greater respect for the dignity of women) and on the Ukrainian war, in the words of the Gaudium et Speshe spelled out that every act of war, which aims indiscriminately at the destruction of entire cities or vast regions and their inhabitants, is a crime against God and against humanity itself.

But anyway, the case was created, the book Nothing but the Truth
outgoing, and in the undergrowth of the traditionalist opposition to Francesco mounts the attempt postmortem to use Benedict XVI as a banner and create a conflict between the two popes that in reality did not exist.

For almost ten years, in the Monastery, the emeritus was careful to avoid any suspicion of interference towards the successor to whom he had assured unconditional reverence and obedience

Gnswein, moreover, recounts how Ratzinger was amazed when, at the beginning of 2020, an attempt was made to publish under his name a book co-signed with Cardinal Sarah in which the proposal of the Amazon Synod to ordain married priests before Francis had his say (without making any openings, however), and how Benedict had then written to the Pope all his sadness over the abuse of his article and had proposed not to have anything published again.

Hence the bitterness of Francis. And yesterday’s hearing. The question remains about the opportunity to publish a similar book immediately after the death of Ratzinger e quote excerpts from the private correspondence between the emeritus and the Pope. Very respectful, after all.


That they had different sensitivities is known. But ironic, it is observed, that in the book a contrast is shadowed, for example, precisely around the theme of gender propaganda, on which Francis has always been equally severe.

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And the question of the future of Gnswein, now prefect of the papal household, also remains. If in the German Church they do not seem enthusiastic about the idea of ​​a return to their homeland as bishop or other (it depends on the person concerned and on whoever takes these decisions in the Curia, the president Georg Btzing coldly put away), it is hypothesized a diplomatic post in a nunciature abroad or a Roman accommodation, possibly discreet.

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