In Milan the speed limit could be lowered to 30 km/h

In Milan the speed limit could be lowered to 30 km/h
In Milan the speed limit could be lowered to 30 km/h
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The speed limit on the streets of Milan could go from 50 to 30 kilometers per hour. The conditional is a must because for the moment it is “only” a document – approved by the city council in the session of Monday 9 January – which invites the mayor and the council to consider the project and activate it with 1 January 2024.

The measure, if it were instituted, would lead to the extension of the speed limit to 30 kilometers per hour on all urban roads, with the exception of some major arterial roads (where the limit of 50 will remain). The text with the guidelines of the project approved by the assembly was presented by Marco Mazzei (Mayor Beppe Sala council group) and signed by 26 other members of the majority including Giulia Pastorella, Lisa Noja, Gabriele Rabaiotti, Daniele Nahum and Valerio Pedroni.

The signatories of the text argue that the new speed limit could help reduce the number and severity of road accidents. “The impact between a car traveling at 50 km/h and a pedestrian or cyclist is almost always fatal for the light road user, and that on the contrary the impact at 30 km/h is almost never lethal and offers ample reassurance that the consequences are less serious”, the document underlines. And to prove it is the mathematics: between reaction time and braking distance at 30 km/h a vehicle travels 13 meters, at 50 km/h it travels about 28. Furthermore, according to the promoters of the text, it would help Milan in the fight against air and noise pollution.

And the traffic? According to those who presented the text, the measure would not “negatively affect average journey times”, on the contrary, it would make the movement of motor vehicles more fluid “by avoiding acceleration and braking which consume more fuel, produce more smog and are more dangerous for safety”; not only that: it would be able to increase the average speed also “thanks to the use of technologies” such as green waves. The objective of the text, however, is only one: to discourage the use of private motor vehicles for travel in the urban belt.

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