Suez Canal, a super cargo ship with 65 tons of corn runs aground –

Suez Canal, a super cargo ship with 65 tons of corn runs aground –
Suez Canal, a super cargo ship with 65 tons of corn runs aground –
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The “Glory” is bound for China. The tugboats put the ship afloat after about a couple of hours. The authorities expect only “minimal delays”

A cargo ship ran aground in the Suez Canal, the strategic waterway connecting Asia to Europe by sea. This was confirmed by the Leth company which manages operations in the area and which then announced its return to navigation. The «M/V Glory» was stuck sailing south near Al-Qantarah and the tugs of the Suez Canal Authority are trying to put her back afloat. “The ‘Glory’ was refloated by tugs of the Suez Canal Authority,” he later informed Leth. “Twenty-one southbound vessels will resume their transits. Only short delays are expected.”

The load

It is not clear what caused it to run aground, but parts of Egypt, including the northern provinces, experienced a wave of heavy weather on Sunday. The Suez Canal is a vital trade link between Asia and Europe. The Joint Coordination Center, the joint coordination center which in Istanbul controls the export of commercial food products and fertilizers from Ukrainian ports, has announced that “Glory” – 255 meters long – transports over 65 thousand tons of Ukrainian corn bound for China.

The previous one from 2021

The incident recalls that of March 2021 when the ship flying the Panama flag, the “Ever Given” – about 400 meters long – ran aground in the Suez Canal causing it to be blocked for six days and a line of boats waiting to cross the area with goods to be transported worth 9 billion dollars a day. According to Leth, on 6 December the Canal recorded a record 112 ships transited (65 towards the South, 47 towards the North. From 1 January to 30 November 2022, 21,609 boats passed in both directions.

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