thieves ram police car, one officer injured

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Bologna, 9 January 2023 – Area Zaragoza for a few minutes seemed like the set of a crime film. Culminating with the thieves fleeing on foot after having rammed their car there Police car and the agents, although bruised, do not give up the chase.

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But last night it was still hunt for criminals – four, from an initial reconstruction all foreigners from Eastern Europe – who were chased by the police last night in via Orsoni, via Felice Battaglia and the area at the foot of the hills behind the Faculty of Engineering. An area that was beaten step by step by the agents for several hours, to look for the men they had just before wounded a colleague of theirs; but in the evening, the searches had not yet given positive results.

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All is started around 7pm when a attempted burglary in a house of the area: a resident had noticed some men who had entered his garden, presumably with the aim of entering the house from there and rob her. The man he then barricaded himself inside and called 113. The agents immediately intervened with a patrol, but their arrival must have alarmed the criminals, who in turn boarded a Mercedes and threw themselves directly against the police car, ramming it and sending her crashing into some parked cars.

After that, the four thieves have abandoned the vehicle in the middle of the road and have continued their flight on foot, dividing; the agents on the crashed car, despite everything, tried to stop them, setting off in pursuit despite the bruises. However, the thieves managed to escape in a very short time, probably taking advantage of the shelter some condominium courtyard accessible from the street.

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Others also attended the scene patrols to lend a hand to colleagues; one of the two officers on the rammed car was transported to the Maggiore hospital aboard a 118 ambulance, in low gravity code. The other colleague, on the other hand, was unharmed.

Then came the scientific agents, in charge of carrying out the investigations of the case, and those of the local police, who closed via Orsoni for the time necessary for the investigations and, subsequently, for the removal of the vehicles involved in the crash, which invaded the roadway. Given the time and the fact that it was a Dead-end roadmeant that there were no traffic disturbances during the interventions of the police forces.

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