the video of the detail (in red lights) goes viral

the video of the detail (in red lights) goes viral
the video of the detail (in red lights) goes viral
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Sudden during the direct de the coming yearthe special hosted by Amadeuswhich aired on the night of New Year’s up Rai 1 to toast together to the arrival of 2023. The live program was broadcast from main square Of Perugia and as scheduled hosted several singers who performed their performances on stage while waiting for the midnight.

The direction as well as filming the artists on stage, has framed the public in the square and, unintentionally, has resumed a man intent on performing a gesture vulgar and “bad taste”.

What happened

The scene filmed by the cameras did not go unnoticed by the curious eyes of the viewers, in particular the official page of Trashy Italian who shared the video making it go viral on the net in just a few minutes, arousing the hilarity of users.

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The program was about to end when, during one of the last performances, a boy was filmed while he was intent on miming a fellatio. The director immediately censored the scene by moving the lens of the cameras on stage, but being a show that went live, the shot could not end up in oblivion. The direction of the program aired on Rai1 certainly could not have foreseen a surprise ending of this type.

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