Meloni at the ANCI assembly: ‘We are working at top speed on the Maneuver’ – Politics

Meloni at the ANCI assembly: ‘We are working at top speed on the Maneuver’ – Politics
Meloni at the ANCI assembly: ‘We are working at top speed on the Maneuver’ – Politics
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“I am sorry not to be able to participate in person, I would never have missed being present in person” under normal conditions but “as you know we are not in a normal condition: the government was born in a particular period for the birth of a government, in which there are very complex deadlines” such as the budget law on which “we are working at top speed”. Giorgia Meloni said it at the ANCI assembly.

“I firmly believe in the role of mayors, it’s not flattery: in the programmatic report to Parliament a few weeks ago I said that among the government’s priorities there is precisely that of giving a new centrality to the municipalities of Italy”. Said the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, speaking via video link to the Assembly of the ANCI, underway in Bergamo.”The Italian identity is based on the municipalities, custodians of a thousand specificities – he added -. And the mayors today more than yesterday are in the forefront of political commitment, they carry out the most difficult work in the institutional sphere”.

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The draft of the text launched on Monday by the CDM. Nightmare timing for approval. Immediately the stop to the old folders under 1,000 euros. Exemptions of mini-payments with the Pos, sanctions suspended. The flat rate tax at 15% for the self-employed rises from 65 to 85 thousand euros. But with a stake. 400 million for Milan-Cortina. Excise duty on cigarettes rises, 36 euros per 1000. Even car seats for children are taxed at 5%. And Calenda opens up to the confrontation: “The opposition doesn’t always take place in the streets”, says the leader of the Third Pole, throwing a dig at the Democratic Party (ANSA)

“As President Mattarella said, the Pnrr is an appointment that Italy cannot avoid, an extraordinary opportunity to modernize Italy: so that resources do not remain on paper, Municipalities, Provinces and Regions are important”. Thus the premier, Giorgia Meloni, in video link to the Anci Assembly. “The Government is ready to do everything possible to allow the Municipalities to play their role to the fullest. In recent years they have been fundamental for public works, without the intermediation of the Regions: an important innovation but also a challenge, and the Municipalities need the support of the State. “Today we are in the phase in which we are called to deal concretely with the start of construction sites, for this reason it is obviously necessary to speed up the process of approving projects and issuing opinions, it is a huge issue: we are absolutely open to any useful contribution”. Thus the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, speaking via video link at the Anci Assembly, underway in Bergamo. “In the transition between the allocation and use of resources, obviously as was inevitable, all the system problems of fragmented and complex rigid rules emerge. Certain, simple, stable rules are needed”.”The Pnrr assigns 40 billion euros to the Municipalities for urban regeneration. The government immediately reactivated the Pnrr control room at Palazzo Chigi. In the first meetings with the administrations, the need for greater coordination emerged, stronger collaboration between the government, the institutional chain and the intermediate bodies: teamwork is needed, structural collaboration to resolve critical issues in real time and reach the goal”.

“We must verify with the EU the most suitable measures to update the Pnrr”. So Giorgia Meloni at the Anci assembly. The premier spoke of the need to “put the municipalities in a position to manage some services”, she underlined that “we have started monitoring the cohesion funds: they must be included in a more organic programming that gives the nation an overall strategic vision”.

“Unfortunately we have the sword of Damocles of dear energy that drains resources. Interventions to calm down cost us about 5 billion euros a month: we are studying the proposals that have arrived, if the European Commission does not intervene it will be difficult to meet these costs”.

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“I am sorry that my presence interrupted a key debate on the topic of Russian aggression towards Ukraine : I want to send a hug to the mayor of Lviv: the Italian government will continue to be proudly aligned in support of the Ukrainian cause” said Meloni. “It is a great pleasure to be together on this stage: when you go to visit our president Zelensky you will surely pass by Lviv and I have to let you taste our coffee”. The invitation to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni came from the stage of the Anci assembly from the mayor of Lviv Andrij Sadovyj. “Thanks to you mayor, deal done – replied the prime minister via video from Rome – I will definitely come on my next trip to Ukraine, I talked about it with Zelensky and I will certainly come to Lviv to meet you and to taste the coffee”

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