Saman Abbas, the Shabbar father: “My daughter is alive”

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November 24, 2022 2:58 pm

The man, for whom Italy has requested his extradition, is accused by the Reggio Emilia Public Prosecutor’s Office of murder, kidnapping and suppression of a body in competition with four other family members

Uncle Danish’s defender: “My client cooperated” – In relation to the ruin, not far from the cottage where Saman lived with her family, where human remains have been found (probably of the girl), the defender of her uncle Danish said that “there was collaboration and he says the deed of the report of the discovery of the body, with its presence on site, made available by the Public Prosecutor’s Office for us defenders”. The lawyer Liborio Cataliotti confirms that it was his client Danish Hasnain who indicated the place of concealment of the body.

“I don’t mortgage my client’s procedural future – he clarifies – and I don’t comment on acts in progress or not yet implemented. What I can say is that he actually gave his contribution. Whether there is a further one, we’ll see what happens next. now I don’t know, because it would mean foreseeing developments of a difficult process and it would require a psychological introspection of the person which is not easy for me who have only known him for two days”.


Finally, Cataliotti believes that “a synergy of the parties is essential, in this process more than others, aimed at verifying the historical truth of the facts. The acquisition of evidence useful for reconstructing it is important, then we will discuss the interpretation between the parties Does Danish’s position change after the collaboration? Not to date, zero point zero. He has contributed and this is a firm point, we’ll see what happens in the future”.

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The article is in Italian

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