Advances Men and Women of 15/11/22

Advances Men and Women of 15/11/22
Advances Men and Women of 15/11/22
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The new episodes of were recorded today Men and women. From the page Instagram Men and Women classic and over here are the previews regarding the Classic throne:

We start with the throne of Frederick Nicotera which brought it back to the outdoors Alice Barisciani. Very deep external in which he talks about his life and his past. Carola Carpanelli in the studio he intervenes saying “But what am I doing here?“. Frederick and later also Maria DeFilippi they respond to the suitor who perhaps should have understood more what the tronista said, given that he had a problematic family situation. Carola she cried in the studio because she made an “unhappy” comment on the outside of Frederick And Alice, when she realized she was wrong she burst into tears. In addition, even for the emotion on what we saw from the outside, half the studio was moved.

Frederick Dainese did an outdoor with Elena and one with Vincent, new suitor. Of the two, he likes it better Vincent.

Lavinia Mauro did an outdoor with Alessio Corvino (the blond), he chose not to kiss her. In the studio she dances with Alessio Campoli. Francis eliminated himself in the last recording.

For what concern Throne overhave devoted a great deal of space to Richard Guarnieri. The knight just a few days ago he had been spotted in Rome in the company of Gloria Nicoletti.

Richard definitively ended the relationship resumed with Glory, however the lady was absent in the studio. The knight was criticized in the studio because he was accused of not taking any acquaintance or acquaintance seriously. He is reiterated that in any case he thinks only of one person (it is not known if the reference is to Ida Platano). A woman then comes down for him. He holds it and dances with it.

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There was no mention of Roberta Di Padua.

The fashion shows are back! Today they did the female one and won Christina.

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