Ukraine: Two Russian Missiles Fall In Poland, Two Dead – World

Ukraine: Two Russian Missiles Fall In Poland, Two Dead – World
Ukraine: Two Russian Missiles Fall In Poland, Two Dead – World
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Two of the Russian missiles launched against Ukraine today reportedly landed on Przewodow, a Polish town near the Ukrainian border. Bild writes it, according to which two people died. The news was also relaunched by the Russian agency Ria Novosti. Firefighters in the Polish village of Przewodow, in Dołhobyczów municipality, 10 km from the Ukrainian border, confirmed that two people died following two explosions that hit a grain drying site. The local newspaper Kurier Lubelski writes about it. Witnesses quoted by the newspaper said they heard two explosions. The brigade are “trying to establish the exact causes and circumstances of the accident,” a spokesman said. The whole area has been cordoned off.

The US media also confirm that two Russian missiles have fallen on the territory of Poland, a NATO member country, killing two people. This was reported by the Bloomberg agency quoting the Associated Press which, in turn, quotes an American intelligence official.

It is the first time that Russian missiles have landed on NATO territory. Bild mentions article 5 of the Alliance, which provides for the obligation to provide aid for the allies, but whether this will be activated by Warsaw – the newspaper specifies – is still an open question. NATO has repeatedly repeated that it does not want to participate with its own troops in the war in Ukraine.

ANSA Agency

An armed attack on one is treated as an attack on all (ANSA)

“Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called an urgent meeting of the National Security Committee and defense”. Morawiecki’s spokesman Piotr Müller announced it on Twitter. Polish and international media wrote that Russian missiles fell on Polish territory, killing two people.

“We are aware of the press reports on the fall of Russian missiles in Poland. At the moment we have no other information that can confirm them. We are investigating”. Pentagon spokesman General Pat Ryder said so in a press briefing.

“My condolences to our Polish brothers in arms. The Russian criminal regime fired missiles that hit not only Ukrainian civilians, but also fell on NATO territory in Poland. Latvia fully supports Polish friends and condemns this crime “. Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks wrote on Twitter.

Ukraine, two buildings hit by Russian missiles in Kiev

The deputy head of the Ukrainian presidential office, Kyrylo Tymoshenko, said that “more than seven million Ukrainian users were left without electricity due to today’s barrage of missile attacks”. Tymoshenko said that “15 Ukrainian energy plants were damaged during the Russian attacks”. This was reported by CNN.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Ukrainians they could face more Russian missile attacks today, but he promised that the country will survive. And that Russia “will not achieve its goals”. In a video shared on Telegram, Zelensky warned Ukrainians to stay in shelters for rocket attacks that cut off energy supplies in many places… We are working, we will restore everything, we will survive.”

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“Russia responds to Zelensky’s powerful speech at the G20 with a new missile attack. Does anyone seriously think that the Kremlin really wants peace? It wants obedience. But in the end, terrorists always lose,” denounces the head of the Ukrainian president’s office, Andriy Yermakon Twitter.

The spokesman of the Air Force command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Yuriy Ignat said today, ‘the Russian invaders launched a hundred missiles against Ukraine, thus surpassing the massive missile attack of October 10, when the invaders launched 84 missiles against Ukraine’. Ukrainska Pravda writes it. “This is a massive missile attack-he said-Critical infrastructure is their first target. But, unfortunately, the missiles also hit residential buildings.”

Russian missile attacks, as well as in Kiev, also in the Chernihiv and Mykolaiv region, the Ukrainian authorities report as reported by UNIAN. “Stay in shelters or in a safe place,” announced Vyacheslav Chaus, head of Chernihiv oblast while Mykolayiv head Vitaly Kim announced a wave of Russian missile attacks in the region. A raid hit another “multi-story” building in Kiev, Mayor Vitali Klitschko said, updating the situation. Explosions and raids were also reported in Lviv and Kharkiv, according to local authorities, urging residents to go to shelters. There is at least one dead in Kiev, according to Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko on Telegram, as reported by Ukrainska Pravda.

“The United States strongly condemns Russia’s latest missile attacks against Ukraine, which appear to have hit residential buildings in Kiev and other sites across the country,” US Security Advisor Jake Sullivan wrote in a statement, stressing that while ” leaders meet at G20 Russia continues to threaten lives and destroy critical infrastructure for Ukraine”. “The United States and its allies will continue to supply Kiev with what it needs to defend itself, including air defense systems. We will stand by Ukraine as long as necessary,” Sullivan reiterated.

The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, in his speech at the G20, had said Russia’s war ‘must end now’ but also ruled out a third “Minsk agreement”, which refers to the two failed ceasefire agreements between Kiev and Moscow on the status of the eastern region of Donbas. Point on which he replied Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov seeing in the refusal to ‘Minsk 3’ the confirmation of Kiev’s reluctance to negotiate. “Russia continues to pursue its objectives in the military operation in Ukraine because Kiev refuses negotiations,” he said quoted by Tass. Also Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov he rejected the Ukrainian proposals, calling them “unrealistic and inadequate”.

The Russian foreign minister, who remained in the room while the Kiev leader spoke, however specified that Russia wants to see “concrete facts, not words” on the influence exerted by the West on Zelensky so that he agrees to negotiate, added Lavrov. “Other countries are increasingly convinced that the conflict in Ukraine was provoked by Washington” – he said in his speech – On the Ukrainian topic, both the United States and all its allies were quite aggressive during today’s discussions, accusing Russia, as they say, of unprovoked aggression against the “Ukraine. But other countries are convinced that the aggression was caused by them”.

Kremlin, UN resolution on Ukraine formalizes theft
The resolution approved yesterday by the UN General Assembly, according to which Russia must compensate Ukraine for the damage caused in the invasion ordered by Putin, was criticized by the Kremlin, which defined it as “the formalization of a theft “, reports the Interfax agency. “Of course – said Putin’s spokesman Dmitri Peskov – the organizers of this process are trying to complete the theft of our overseas reserves, which have been blocked in an absolutely illegal way. In fact, (this is) the formalization of a theft via the United Nations platform”.

EU, Ukraine has recovered 50% of the territories occupied by Russia
“Ukraine has already recovered 50% of the territories occupied by Russia since February 24th.” This was stated by the EU high representative for foreign policy, Josep Borrell, in a press conference at the end of the Defense Council which was also attended by the Ukrainian defense minister, Andriy Zahorodniuk, and the NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg. “On the eastern and southern fronts, the equipment supplied by the EU and the US to the Ukrainian armed forces is proving to be extraordinarily useful”, he added, in particular “the air defense systems”, capable of “making a difference”.

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