“I found people willing to listen” – Corriere.it

“I found people willing to listen” – Corriere.it
“I found people willing to listen” – Corriere.it
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from Marco Galluzzo

The Sure model against the energy and economic crisis. The premier: I have taken apart a narrative

restarted from the bricks that Draghi had placed. From that request for concreteness built by our diplomacy. From the conclusions of the last European Council. In the most delicate meeting of her European day, Giorgia Meloni frankly asks Ursula von der Leyen that a Community financial response will arrive as soon as possible against speculation in the energy market and the resulting economic crisis. The Commission is working to present a proposal that is as good in Berlin as in Paris, in Rome as in Amsterdam, a response that is strategic, determined and agileunderlines our premier, as the heads of state and government of the 27 EU countries signed up to the last summit.

The latest news on the Meloni government, live

Meloni asks for financial resources and on the Sure model
, therefore with the issue of European debt securities, those that Berlin does not like but that guarantee money at zero or almost no cost. the first of her requests, but in a different dress from the one she has worn so far: she says so herself, in the statements she makes before the working dinner with Charles Michel, the President of the European Council, to whom she promises to be a loyal partner within the EU. she came to introduce herself, to give guarantees on the Italian budget and on the international posture, but she too came as a European leader, who recognizes the centrality of Brussels: I dismantled a narrative that was given to me, I found people willing to listenpeople who have seen that we are not Martians.

the figure of the day of the premierwhich moves with a pinch of emotion between the three main buildings of the top of the EU institutions, which is presented in a very simple way (how cold it is here, are the first words in the handshake with a very affectionate Roberta Metsola , which invites her to participate in an upcoming plenary session of the Parliament), which receives the unspoken attestation of the full satisfaction of the President of the Commission, who underlines the strong signal sent with her visit here, on her first trip abroad.

After all, the whole day marked by a double track: that narrative that Meloni has helped to build and the new one that from today she herself helps to dismantle, in the role of head of government. The EU lives in the identity of the Nations she writes in the honorary book of the European Parliament, faithful to her creed of federal union anchored to the principle of subsidiarity, but the EU in which she is now a leading actress and where she must play a considerable role, if she wants to count. And with the rules of a game that is new to her, on which she asks for suggestions, at a lunch before the meetings, from the former prime minister and now commissioner for economic affairs, Paolo Gentiloni.


The dossiers addressed are those prepared for days:
Ukraine, energy, sanctions in Moscow, support for families and businesses, but also immigration, because the defense of external borders is now an established principle in European rules, or even the proposal for food labeling, dear to France, which Italy sees as smoke in the eyes (it would send our olive oil or our parmesan, for one thing). Major, strategic, delicate issues, but also apparently minor dossiers.

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There is also, as expected, the interlocution on the PNRR: the Commission has shown itself to be available and possible changes are being discussed, reveals Meloni herself, reflecting on what are the major priorities today, such as the energy issue. But the share of resources that the new government would like to divert to energy policy is still a reserved figure. Finally, there is an unexpected event, but with a happy ending: when the meeting in Parliament ends, Meloni has to move to the Commission, but Ursula von der Leyen has not yet arrived. Metsola picks up the phone: Where are you? She asks. Due to bad weather, the Commission President’s plane landed late, she apologized.

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