Letizia Moratti, the resignation from the Lombardy Region: “The relationship of trust with Attilio Fontana has broken down”

Letizia Moratti, the resignation from the Lombardy Region: “The relationship of trust with Attilio Fontana has broken down”
Letizia Moratti, the resignation from the Lombardy Region: “The relationship of trust with Attilio Fontana has broken down”
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from Stefania Chiale

Letizia Moratti’s announcement: she will remit the powers of vice president and councilor for welfare. The note: “I register with concern the decision to anticipate the reintegration of doctors and other no vax health professionals”

Letizia Moratti resigns as Vice President and Councilor for Welfare of Lombardy. With a press release at 10.45 this morning, the former mayor of Milan accelerates the transition that everyone has been waiting for since the end of September, given the loss of the relationship of trust between her and President Attilio Fontana. “Out of respect for the citizens, with a sense of responsibility and in consideration of the delicate socio-economic situation in the country, I awaited the outcome of the political elections and the formation of the new government to make my position known. For these reasons, and only today, opposite the loss of the relationship of trust with the President Attilio Fontana, I announce the decision to remit the proxies of vice-president and councilor for welfare of the Lombardy Region, ”says Moratti. Which explains how this is “a strong signal with respect to the slowness and difficulties in the action of this Administration, which in my opinion no longer responds to the interest of the Lombard citizens”.

A clear stance towards the government that has led the Region for five years and of which you have been a part since January 2021. And therefore a precise indication of a possible descent into the field as an opponent of Fontana in view of the Regionals of 2023 (even if his press office does not add further comments on this outcome at the moment). “A choice of clarity that I take full responsibility for, also in consideration of the contradictory measures taken in the fight against the pandemic. On the one hand, I positively acknowledge that the line I established for Lombard citizens was to follow the opinion of the experts of the Lombard Control Room that I activated on the obligation of masks in hospitals and RSA. On the other hand, I register with concern the choice to anticipate the reintegration of doctors and other unvaccinated health professionals, the amnesty on fines for no vaxes and the different sensitivity on the importance of vaccines. These are three examples, emblematic of a different political approach in this area ».

It is a precise stance contrary not only to the Giunta Fontana, but also to the first measures of the Meloni government: “I believe that if today the Country is safe with regards to Covid, we owe this undoubtedly to the massive participation in the vaccination campaign in recent months. Which has succeeded thanks to the extraordinary sense of civic responsibility of Lombard citizens, as well as the enormous commitment of doctors, nurses, military, civil protection and volunteers, protagonists of a process that has led Lombardy to be among the first areas in the world for membership and coverage. A success to be proud of and which is now being questioned by measures that I do not agree with ».

The decisions of President Fontana are therefore awaited. «In resigning – he concludes – with a spirit of correctness and loyalty, I underline that I remain at the disposal of the Region for an orderly handover of the progress of the projects I have and have activated. I am referring to issues and policies that are particularly close to my heartthe subject of my latest proposals for resolutions concerning important public investments for the health of citizens, for the construction of additional Community Houses and to drastically reduce waiting lists in clinics ».

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