Alberto and Antonella are the first nominees of this edition – Big Brother VIP

Alberto and Antonella are the first nominees of this edition – Big Brother VIP
Alberto and Antonella are the first nominees of this edition – Big Brother VIP
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The Nominations are back in the Big Brother House and only the first fifteen competitors who entered the House in last Monday’s episode will participate.

The women will name each other in a clear way in the Super Led while the men in the secret of the Confessional. Through these Nominations, the man and woman with the most votes will be discovered.

After explaining the rules, Alfonso invites the women to arrange themselves along the Super Led table and make their choice without being seen by the other companions and giving a valid reason. Antonella names Pamela Prati for her “star” attitude while Elenoire he appoints Patrizia because in her opinion she finds it hard to get used to the house. It is the turn of Geneva who instead sends Cristina to televoting. Pamela instead he appoints Antonella for his class he says sarcastically. Will be he sends Patrizia to televoting because he finds her nervous and in his opinion it seems that he wants to control the others. The Nominations continue with Nikita who sends Antonella to televoting because she does not tolerate her very sharp attitude in the way she responds. Following Cristina And Patrizia they nominate Antonella for her prima donna attitude.

The men continue with the Nominations in the secret of the Confessional.

Antonino send George to televoting because he is the only one with whom he has less ties. George he appoints Alberto because he thinks he has been disrespectful to Pamela. Also Attilio And Charlie they name Alberto because they haven’t gotten to know him well yet. Alberto makes the name of Attilio because he is the least cooperative in the House. Amaurys send Luca to televoting because he thinks he’s very touchy. Luca instead he appoints George because he has not yet had the opportunity to establish an approach and get to know him.

Alberto and Antonella are officially in Nomination!

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After announcing the names of the two VIPs nominated, Alfonso announces that for this episode there will be no televoting and they will have to suffer a sort of penalty by spending the night in the Doll’s House.

Return tickets are back again this year: one for men and one for women. A lottery draw will decide the lucky ones who will have a second chance in this long adventure in the House of Big Brother.

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