Salvini, Berlusconi and Meloni close the campaign: “We will govern for 5 years”. The Fdi leader: “If we have the numbers, we will change the Charter ourselves”

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A Piazza del Popolo half full welcomed the closing of the electoral campaign of the center-right coalition. The demonstration, organized in the capital, started just before 7pm with more than an hour delay. The leaders of the alliance, given the advantage by all the polls published before the electoral blackout, came together to launch the latest appeals to the vote. “A great pleasure to see our flags all together,” he said Silvio Berlusconi. A compactness also claimed by Giorgia Meloni And Matteo Salvini: “We are committed to governing together for five years,” both said. While the president of the Brothers of Italy went further and guaranteed that, if they get the votes, they are ready to “Carry out the reform of presidentialism” even without the left. So they are ready to change the Constitution. And in closing, he attacked those who decided the lockdown for the Covid pandemic, then the minister Roberto Speranzabut also doctors and scientists: “We will no longer bend our basic freedoms to these sorcerer’s apprentices“, he said. Words immediately condemned by the opponent Enrico Letta: “He feeds himself to the No vax and offends our dead,” he tweeted.

Apart from announcements and provocations, the climate among the center-right allies is far from serene. Throughout the day the FDI leader and the secretary of the Carroccio they argued from afar on the formation of the government team: Meloni he said he already had names in mind, but the Northern League replied that the team is made together. And at most, he added, “I am thinking of the Salvini government”. Not to mention the differences on the issue of budget variance. But now the goal is postpone any internal conflict to post-vote on Sunday, when only the percentages obtained by the individual parties will count. Meanwhile, tomorrow 23 September the parties will make their closures alone and, inevitably, the confrontation will already be on the different squares.

Meloni closes: “We are committed to governing for five years” – A “Giorgia Giorgia” choir, some smoke bombs, flags of Brothers of Italy all above and the presentation of the actor Pino I teach they welcomed Giorgia Meloni on stage. Immediately after a new choir “Giorgia, Giorgia” he briefly interrupted his speech. In the square, there is also a sign with her photo and the words “We are Giorgia”. “While we talked about our priorities they just talked about us and tried to drag us in a fight in the mud which is their most congenial terrain, ”he said, addressing his opponents. “When democracy arrived, the left lost its head” is an “angry, violent left that is terrified of losing its consolidated system of power.” And again: “The leftist thesis is more or less: we have nothing to say but since Meloni is dangerous hold your nose and vote left. Now is the time to breathe deeply, here is the air of freedom, the time has come to stop holding your nose “. And again speaking of his opponents, Meloni raised: “The mess-ups are ready to do it again. We of the center-right have seen us on this stage. On the other side there are Calenda, Count, Letta, Di Maio. Apparently they go to war. I want to challenge them: by tomorrow evening they declare which parties they are with or which they want to ally with for a possible government. Let them come out, before the vote they tell the truth ”. Speaking of the energy crisis, he relaunched: “We need a ceiling on the price of gas,” she said. “We do not do like Letta who goes to Germany not to negotiate on the roof but to exchange support for him for the national interest”. Meloni also spoke of constitutional reforms: “If the Italians give us the majority”, he said, “we will make a presidential reform and we will be happy if the left wants to help us make our institutions more efficient, but if the Italians give us the numbers we will do it anyway“.

Melons also did a passage on Covidusing very harsh words against doctors and scientists: “Freedom also applies to how we intend to face the eventual return of the pandemic: we will no longer accept that Italy is the experiment of applying the Chinese model to a Western country” with “the Hope model we have been the country with the greatest restrictions and the highest number of infections. We will no longer bend our basic freedoms to these sorcerer’s apprentices“. The FDI leader was full of applause compared to the other center-right leaders. The loudest applause came when she harangued the protesters shouting “There is an air of freedom”. Meloni also stopped the whistles of some protesters when she mentioned the names of rival leaders. “No, we don’t boo anyone because we are people of a certain level,” she said.

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Berlusconi opens: “Nice to see the flags waving all together” – Protesters mostly seated and with most of their flags lowered – except for a dozen Come on Italy – followed the intervention of Silvio Berlusconi on stage. The strongest applause concerned the move on taxes (“We are the only ones who do not want to increase them,” said the leader of Come on Italy). Then applause on the unity of the center-right and on “just justice”. Beside the stage was Berlusconi’s partner, Marta Fascina. The leader Fi in his speech attacked, again, the judges: “What Italy do we want to build?”. An Italy “where there are no judges who use their power to strike and eliminate political opponents”. “I’m here because we are united, we are the real majority of the country,” he said. “In every electoral round, in administrative, European and political elections, we have always had the same answer: Italy does not want to be governed by the left. 8 years ago in the field to prevent the left of the former communist party from taking power. We have allied ourselves to avoid an authoritarian, statist and justicialist drift“. On the “long live Meloni, long live Salvini, long live Forza Italia and long live freedom” the final applause was triggered, punctuated by the raised flags of the various parties.

Lupi intervenes for Us ModeratiMaurizio Lupi spoke on behalf of Noi Moderati and tried to say that the coalition will also be “moderate”: “They tell me that in the streets you must be less moderate, more populist: but they broke us a bit by putting the center-right among the populists in opposition to the moderates. To say that a family is the pillar of society, that every young person has the right to an education, to a decent school, to say that every family has the freedom to choose is to love the people or to be populists? Enough of these conflicts ”. And she closed: “We all believe that in the North as in the South, there is the dignity of having a job and not begging for assistance. And the work is done by businesses, not by the state ”.

Salvini claims “unity” – “The first victory before 25 is you”, said the leader of the Carroccio from the stage, “people of different traditions who have decided to be together with a common destiny and a commitment that we all make: to govern well and together for 5 years. We are here in 5 years. The left is divided and quarrelsome. Here is a proof of maturity: there is no need to insult and threaten as the left does. from us only proposals and smiles “. Then the Northern League reiterated his latest electoral proposal: “Via the Rai fee from the bill. And if Fazio wants to give speeches, if he pays them out of his own pocket ”. So Salvini announced that “the first act of the government will be an energy decree to immediately block the increases in energy and gas bills. And then cancel the law, unfair, Fornero. We want the right to a pension for those who struggle for a lifetime and the right to work for young people and workers ”. AND “if Europe thinks of firing workers in Italy to do China a favor, to outlaw diesel cars to sack in Italy and hire in Beijing, the next government is calling a referendum to ask the Italians if they agree with this nonsense “. While Salvini was speaking, the bells began to ring and he stopped: “Long live the sound of the bells and woe to those who come to our country to change the way we pray,” he said.

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