K-POP lands on Crypto.com NFTs | All the details of the release

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Crypto.com has signed a partnership with MetaBeat for the launch of a collection NFT dedicated to MamamooK-pop lineup that in Asia boasts a large following. As usual when dealing with music-related tokens for the masses, users will be entitled to discounts and perks to spend in real life.

There is no shortage of early access to future drops, according to a recipe already tested when the record industry is involved. A billionaire business that sees majors and independent houses enter into tight competition.

Another success for the platform NFT from Crypto.com and still an excellent starting point to make this type of token popular with the general public. We can also invest in it through precisely Crypto.comgo here to get a free account with a free $ 25 crypto bonus included – intermediary that offers us the opportunity to invest in 250+ crypto assetsall chosen among the best that the market can offer today.

Inside we also have the Supercharger and it staking to make the cryptocurrencies that we are going to buy are profitable, as well as we can also choose other types of unique services offered by this exchange.

Another pop boom for Crypto.com

The record industry is confirmed as one of the most reactive to collect the good of the development of blockchain has resulted in the most disparate commercial contexts, on a large scale. To understand how the seven note moguls are moving, it is useful to take a quick step back.

Yes, it’s another hit for Crypto.com

In the early days of the internet, there were two ways for everyone to circumvent the cassette and CD market: (illegal) copying on the one hand, and peer-to-peer sharing on the other. This was also an equally illegal practice, but with considerably higher firepower than private individuals dealing with blank optical tapes and media could. The most popular pirates were LimeWirethat recently resurrected on chain under the aegis of legality, and its counterpart Napsterkilled by the guitar of Kirk Hammett and his Metallica And switched to the good side of the music business following a very similar path.

Having restored the natural order of business, that is, one in which few fats eat everything they find, the record industry soon found itself in front of completely new paradigms, which in a very short time gave yet another jolt to the status quo of the market. It took the technology of NFT to question everything again.

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The giants of mainstream music production found themselves competing again, this time not with pirates but with artists and small independent labels that thanks to blockchain they found new ways to survive and thrive.

NFT and music, again, but not the last

The push comes again from the bottom, with the independents bringing to the surface a market that if declined with the right means and with adequate firepower can be considered anything but a niche. THE Not Fungible Token are increasingly attractive to the public, producers and sector operators, exchange first of all that they have a lot to gain from the new scenario.

Among these he could not miss the appeal Crypto.comprotagonist of the news today and already present from parts of LimeWire at the moment in which he sensed the potential of his rebirth on chainshowing foresight and confidence in the project.

A short circuit that has nothing of chance, and on the contrary we need to frame today’s news: theexchange he had already bet on LimeWire And developments have proved him rightand today it focuses on a pop phenomenon that in Asia has been on the crest of the wave for a while.

And so it will support the collection NFT designed by the platform MetaBeat specialized in mass entertainment and dedicated to Mamamooall-female training that from 2014 registers huge acclaim a Seoul and throughout Southeast Asia. Users will get their hands on tokens, early access to future drops, discounts and real-world benefits. Pending more details, let’s bet a few cents of Bitcoin which will be discounts on merchandising and entrance tickets to the concerts. Tickets that we imagine in NFT: the ultimate weapon in the fight against touting to the delight of fans, artists and record companies.

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