Who is Richard Sanderson of the famous song Reality

Who is Richard Sanderson of the famous song Reality
Who is Richard Sanderson of the famous song Reality
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Richard Sanderson: the life of the songwriter, his career and the facts related to the famous song Reality.

According to music experts, a single song can be enough to enter the hearts of millions of people and remain there for life. There are many examples of bands that have achieved global success with their iconic songs, only to fail to repeat the success. One example is Richard Sanderson, an English singer-songwriter who achieved cult status in the 1980s, but who was stuck in one great song all his life. Let’s find out the interesting facts about his career and his private life together.

Who is Richard Sanderson: biography and career

Richard Sanderson was born on March 5, 1953 in Taplow, England. Son of two great music lovers, he started playing from a very young age. At the age of 5 he already knew how to play piano, ten years later he also started playing the guitar and at 17 he became part of his first rock (New Musical Express).

Sanderson’s musical career began at a young age. He began studying with David Christie and Nancy Holloway, both internationally renowned musicians. After spending two years of study at Berkley College of Music in Boston, Sanderson returned to England, where he signed a major recording deal with Trident and released his first album, No Stickers Please. At that time he met the composer Vladimir Cosma and the two immediately became friends. Two years later, the two collaborated on the soundtrack of The Time of Apples, a cult film starring Sophie Marceau. In particular, Sanderson contributed to the film’s signature song, “Reality,” which became a smash hit in Europe and Asia.

In 1983 he participated in the Sanremo Festival with We are together, a song composed, among others, by a young and promising singer-songwriter named Zucchero Fornaciari. However, he did not finish beyond nineteenth position. At 35 he decides to try his hand as a composer of soundtracks and starts collaborating with director Daniel Costelle. His career does not take off as expected, despite other works of a certain prestige such as the one with soprano Barbara Hendricks. What does Richard Sanderson do today? After seeing him compete in the program The night flies in 2001, he made a comeback in 2022 as the protagonist of Arena ’60 ’70 ’80 ’90, the show hosted and hosted by Amadeus.

Richard Sanderson: the studio discography

1979 – No Stickers Please
1980 – Original score: La boum
1982 – I’m in Love
1984 – Surprise
1985 – Fairy Tale
1991 – Anytime You Want
1999 – Visiting the Testament

Richard Sanderson’s private life: wife and children

The British singer is married and has three daughters, Mélody, Ophélia and Angelina.


You know that…

– It has origins Scots And French.

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– Where does Richard live? Currently a Paris.

– During his career he has also released some music albums Jewish.

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