Lourdes, daughter of Madonna, proudly shows her imperfect physique: “This is me”

Lourdes, daughter of Madonna, proudly shows her imperfect physique: “This is me”
Lourdes, daughter of Madonna, proudly shows her imperfect physique: “This is me”
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Lourdes Leon Ciccone, daughter of the musical legend Madonna, followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a singer. Her stage name is Lolahol. A few weeks ago she posted a photo of her of her ‘generous’ physique without filters or Photoshop. Let’s see how she is.

A special article would be needed on the life of Madonna. Let’s briefly cover the most important stages of her private life. In the 80s and 90s, the singer born in 1958 was romantically linked to such famous men as Sean Penn, Prince, the painter Jean – Michael Basquiat, Tupac Shakur and Dennis Rodman. The aforementioned relationships lasted a few years at most and no child was born. In this sense, the turning point came in 1994, when Madonna met Carlos Leon, a personal trainer.

After two years of relationship, Lourdes, her first daughter, was born in October 1996. The union with the personal trainer, however, ends a few months later the happy event. When Lourdes was three years old, her mother began dating Guy Ritchie, from whom she divorced in 2008. In the nine years of relationship, she Madonna became her mother for the second time: in 2000 Rocco John was born. In the following years, Madonna will no longer have birth children but she will adopt two in Malawi between 2005 and 2007 and finally twins in 2016. Of all her children, the most famous is undoubtedly Lourdes Maria Leon Ciccone.

Lourdes shows itself without filters

On social media, the 26-year-old uses the pseudonym LOLAHOL as the name shown on her profile and ‘lourdesleon’ as her username. No trace of Ciccone, therefore. The relationship with the mother, however, is not bad at all. Recently the 25-year-old (she will turn 26 in October) praised the artist, stating: “She is the hardest working person of all I know. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit this attachment to work from her. I’m much more lazy “. Not only that: Madonna is very believing and has also ‘influenced’ her daughter: “I am a woman dedicated to God like my mother. I love churches, I love spending time in them. I just have to spend more time nurturing my soul.”

This summer, Lourdes Leon posted this photo on Instagram. As you can see, her physique is far from today’s standards of perfection. She is definitely not a 90-60-90, to put it in an often used formula. Despite this, the girl wanted to send a clear message: “This is my body”. The daughter of art has often used her fame to send messages to body positivity: in 2021, at the Met Gala Awards, he showed up with hairy armpits and had the paparazzi photographed there. “I defend the possibility of women to always be themselves”, he declared to those who gave him the reasons for that choice. Although she is very famous, she almost never gives reasons to gossip newspapers to talk about her. On her Instagram profile she almost exclusively posts photos and videos of work and has deactivated comments on posts.

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