“I was raped before a concert”

“I was raped before a concert”
“I was raped before a concert”
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Melanie Chisholm (alias Mel C.), singer of the Spice Girlsshe revealed she was raped the day before the debut of the group a Istanbul. It all happened the night before concert by the hand of a massage therapist. At the time, the artist decided not to mention it to anyone to avoid clamors that they could have created problems or disagreements.

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The violence suffered

These days, the former Sporty Spicy is celebrating the release of his book of memoirs entitled Who I Am. For the occasion, she participated in the podcast How To Failled by Elizabeth Dayrecounting some episodes of the past. Among these the very painful memory from violenceburied for many years: «We were a Istanbulwe did two shows there and we had never done a concert full-length first. We had been rehearsing for weeks, it was the eve of the first show of the Spice Girlsso I gave myself a massage in hotel. I was in an environment where you take off the clothes together with this professional person – then the silence – He has me hit. But I have buried the fact. As many do people“.

“I was vulnerable”

A abuse that made her feel weak And helpless. “Those days should have been wonderful but I was vulnerable and in embarrassment“. Melanie he says that at first he had no intention of adding this I remember to the many anecdotes in his book, then he changed his mind. “I think it really is important for me to reveal it, finally face it and process it but above all to be help to whom, is or has been a victim of violence“.


Last updated: Saturday 17 September 2022, 4:54 pm

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