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Deep Purple, Simon McBride is the new guitarist of the band Metal Hammer Italia

Deep Purple, Simon McBride is the new guitarist of the band Metal Hammer Italia
Deep Purple, Simon McBride is the new guitarist of the band Metal Hammer Italia
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09/16/2022, by Andrea Lami.

After the news in July that the guitarist Steve Morse will step back from the legendary hard rock band Deep Purpleafter more than a quarter of a century, his former bandmates have announced that, after a bountiful summer of touring, Simon McBride will join the gang permanently.

THE Deep Purple they stated: ‘We are thrilled that Simon agreed to join. The way of playing Simon it’s up there with the grown-ups. Obviously, Steve can’t be replaced, like Ritchie [Blackmore]And Steve has a long legacy with i Deep Purple . In Simon we did not find a replacement, but an extraordinarily talented and exciting guitarist in his own right. The reception of the public during the summer has already been excellent and we are looking forward to the next dates in the UK and Europe for the rest of the year. Simon he also has great respect for those who preceded him. We are all excited about what the years to come will hold for the band ”.

Simon he has declared: ‘I am very happy that I was asked to join the band at the beginning of the pandemic if anyone told me I would be the new guitarist of Deep Purple, I would have just laughed, but here we are and it’s happening. THE Deep Purple they have a history of great guitarists, so I am very honored to have been invited to be a part of it. They are all fantastic musicians and most importantly I have become very good friends with the guys so I can’t wait to continue the tour and maybe even some writing and recording. ‘

Last month, McBride spoke on the ‘Scars And Guitars’ podcast about what it was like for me to step into the shoes previously occupied by Ritchie Blackmore, Tommy Bolin, Joe Satriani And Steve Morse . Regarding his approach to performing the classic songs of the Deep PurpleSimon said: ‘At the end of the day, for me, with this concert, there have been a lot of people telling me, or asking me if I’m going to play like Ritchie or play like Steve or do it like Tommy or Satriani or whatever. So that thing initially confused me a little; I didn’t know what to do. It was only when I was talking to Don Airey about it, and he just said, ‘Forget it. Just be yourself. He plays your stuff. ‘ That’s all. Which I did. And I started relaxing a little and being myself.

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‘There are some things you need to play. Like ‘Highway Star’, for example, I’m not going to play anything other than what’s in the original, why the hell would I do that? [ Ride ] This is my attitude. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it [If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it]’.

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