Carmela Barbato and the tears shed for her son LDA: words are like boulders

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It seems that LDA is racking up success after success after its participation in Amici. In fact, he reached the second gold record with the single Bandana. She has decided to dedicate this award to the mother who has shed so many tears for him over the years. Let’s see what happened.

Luca D’Alessio, aka LDA, is going through a very lucky period for his career. In fact, he keeps on with collect success after success after his participation in the talent of Mediaset. The song presented to Amici di Maria De Filippi, “What hurts”, had already been received with great enthusiasm by the public of the network.

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Already on that occasion he managed to win the gold record. This was given to him by Anna Pettinelli, a teacher of friends. In addition, the young artist also received one moving video call from his father Gigi D’Alessio who was very proud of him. Now that her second gold record has arrived, thanks to the hit single Bandana, LDA has decided to dedicate this success to her mother Carmela Barbato. Words are like boulders.

Luca D’Alessio: the relationship with his father

Luca D’Alessio is the third son of Gigi D’Alessio he had with the first wife of the Neapolitan singer, Carmela Barbato. he is the third child of the famous singer Gigi D’Alessio while the mother is Carmela Barbato, first wife of Gigi. The two have always had a very special bond, thanks to their common passion for music.

In fact, the singer-songwriter wanted him as a collaborator for the album Buongiorno which saw the light in 2020. Gigi D’Alessio is one of the diehard LSD fans and supports it without ever hindering it in its path. During his participation in friends she tried to encourage and spur him from a distance, showing him his deep love and his great esteem.


The dedication on Instagram to his mother: “I apologize for all the tears I made you shed”

After winning the second gold record for LDA, thanks to the single Bandana, the singer decided to dedicate it to his mother Carmela Barbato. In a post on Instagram he published two photos: one of the past with him as a child in the arms of his mother, the other with the image of the award he has just received.

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The dedication is poignant, Luca D’Alessio’s words are like boulders. In fact, he wrote: “Mom I promise you that this baby will give you a lot of satisfaction. Unfortunately, he didn’t succeed with school ”. Moreover, then he adds: “I apologize for all the tears that I had you hunted for those bad grades but today for the third time you have a golden son ”.

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