Shocked world of music, the drama of a famous artist: “I was raped”

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The world of music was shocked by the confession of a famous artist, in fact the singer was allegedly raped: the testimony.

The world of music trembles in front of the confession of one of the most famous singers of the 2000s. In fact, the artist has revealed that she was raped. We then discover the episode told by the victim.

The latest violence against women comes from the world of music (Via Pixabay)

A shocking and to say the least dramatic story has shocked the world of music in the last few hours. In fact, many will remember the group of Spice Girls, back in vogue in the last few days due to the 25th anniversary of their first live show. As many sites specialized in the world of music recall, the group chose Istanbul as the city for the zero date of the tour.

A moment that should only have been marked by beauty and magic. Instead, something terrible happened during his stay in Turkey. One of the singers, we’re talking about, thought of revealing the sad episode Mel C.. A few hours before her debut, in fact, it was the singer who suffered real sexual violence. Let’s go see the terrible story of the group member.

Artist raped on tour: Mel C (formerly Spice Girls) confession

Mel C on the red carpet of the Brits Awards (Via Ansa Foto)

In these hours, therefore, Mel C. she confessed to having been physically assaulted in the hotel by a masseur, while waiting for the live concert to start. At the time she the artist was only 23 years old and before today she had never decided to tell what happened behind the scenes of that concert. During a podcast the artist revealed: “What happened to me I buried him immediatelybecause there were other things to focus on ”.

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Despite what happened, in fact, the singer then continued: “I didn’t want to make a fuss, I didn’t even have time to face what happened I felt very vulnerable, I felt embarrassed“. Melanie initially had no plans to enter this terrible reminder of the many anecdotes told in his book, but a dream made her change her mind. The former Spice Girls singer then concluded her interview by stating: “I think it’s really important for me to reveal it, to finally face it and process it“.

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