Men in the Box, the story of a rock dream from Cilento to Europe

Men in the Box, the story of a rock dream from Cilento to Europe
Men in the Box, the story of a rock dream from Cilento to Europe
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The boys from the school almost didn’t believe it anymore Men in the Box band; they had decided to let their rock star dream get dusty in a drawer. And instead, after twelve years from the birth of the group and five of stop, a wonderful journey has begun that has led them to perform on the stages of the most prestigious festivals in Europe.

Men in the Box, from Cilento to the conquest of Europe

The band born in Salento in 2010 in the footsteps of alternative and grunge music ’90, after various line-up changes, is now composed by Vito Tambasco, Edoardo Di Vietri, Valentin Bernard, Giovanni Rizzo, Matteo De Marco and Michael Veneri.

Thanks to a series of lucky encounters and a sufficiently enterprising tour manager, the band found themselves leaving this year for some of the biggest cities in Europe after writing new songs, re-arranging old verses, with a ‘ car full of dreams and sixteen snacks.

After the stop in Verona, in Germany the Men in the Box perform at the Bà Festival in Bamberg and it is a great success among people who have fun and dance to the notes of theirs Prog / Grunge. But the really important stage, the one that shakes the legs, awaits them in Czech Republic.

It is that of the Rock Castle Festival by Moravsky Krumlov which sees the best bands in Europe perform, “this time nobody can wake us up despite the pinchesVito Tambasco tells usit’s all true“.

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It is a riot of music, applause, adrenaline. “We never thought we would live an experience similar to those cinematic comedies or those vulgar films with a musical background passed off as real.concludes Vito Tambascoour story, however, is true, this time and ends exactly like in the movie Three men and a leg: come face to face with the coveted dream, the friends disappear on a highway promising to leave the following year for a new tour in the west Europe.

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