Federica Pellegrini at the “Tim Music Awards” goes wild with Matteo Giunta

Federica Pellegrini at the “Tim Music Awards” goes wild with Matteo Giunta
Federica Pellegrini at the “Tim Music Awards” goes wild with Matteo Giunta
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The second episode of the Tim Music Awards from the Verona Arena and with it a rain of music between old and new hits. Impossible to resist the temptation to sing out the songs of the summer, as well as those of a time to which we are linked by distant memories, but very close in the heart and in the mind. Just like it did Federica Pellegrini which was unleashed in the audience with the husband Matteo Giuntabefore taking the stage for a very special task.

Federica Pellegrini goes wild with her husband Matteo Giunta

Put an evening at the Verona Arena, to the sound of songs that recall times past. Joys, pains, falls in love and stages of a life that seems light years away from the present, but which does not stop beating fast in the heart. A magical setting for a special evening that Federica Pellegrini wanted to immortalize in some Instagram stories. With her, of course, her husband Matteo Giunta, with whom she recently got married in Venice: a dream ceremony, a splendid romantic dress and all the enthusiasm of a inseparable couple and more and more in love.

Among the guests of the second episode of Tim Music Awardsled as always by the splendid Vanessa Incontrada and by Carlo Conti, a well-established couple for 12 years, appeared on stage Max Pezzali, eternal boy of Italian music. The first notes are enough to start humming his great successes and for Pellegrini it was just like that: on the notes de Yearsshe and the handsome Matteo have gone wild in an impromptu karaoke session that will certainly remain unforgettable.

Federica Pellegrini super rock at the “Tim Music Awards”

Give her Instagram stories of the Divine you can see it very rock style that Federica Pellegrini has decided to show off for the occasion. She in the audience she wore a leather jacket with studs and metal hinges like a real rocker that, combined with the jaunty cut (the asymmetrical bob with bangs very trendy), it gave her a lot.

But it is on stage that she revealed the real secret of her look. Under that layer of black leather and studs, in fact, the Divina was super feminine and bold at the same time. Black and transparent shirt with lingerie in plain sight, super stretch high-waisted skirt long to the knees and strictly in black leather. All complemented by a delightful pair of black pumps with dizzying stiletto heels and ankle strap. What can I say, Divine in name and in fact.


The special prize for Biagio Antonacci

The beautiful Federica was invited on stage by the hosts for an important reason: the delivery of the Arena di Verona Special Award to the singer-songwriter Biagio Antonacci. A choice certainly not accidental, given the relationship that binds the two. Antonacci recently wanted Pellegrini as protagonist of the video clip of the song Seriousa collaboration born almost “like a joke” but proved to be fundamental to create a great friendship.

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The swimming champion read the motivation for the award, getting excited and thrilling the singer-songwriter: “To Biagio Antonacci, who has always brought the words, sounds and melody of his extraordinary music to this stage with great success. Music is a love that Biagio manages to transform into poetry to touch the soul of the listener and Verona is proud to celebrate it with the Arena Award ”.

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