Madonna, the “transformation” of the pop star shocks the fans. “Unrecognizable, swollen with botox and totally redone”

Madonna, the “transformation” of the pop star shocks the fans. “Unrecognizable, swollen with botox and totally redone”
Madonna, the “transformation” of the pop star shocks the fans. “Unrecognizable, swollen with botox and totally redone”
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By now we are used to the madness of the stars, but this time, for the followers, Madonna has really exaggerated. Unrecognizable face and teeth covered with diamonds. The iconic pop star appears like this in the latest video posted on Instagram, but fans don’t like it. “This is terrifyingly ugly.” On the notes of a remixed version of Hung Up by Queen of Pop in the text of the video the very young Takischa is also tagged, she shows herself with a truly impactful image. The 64-year-old artist has auburn hair, very thin eyebrows and a diaphanous complexion, a puffy and expressionless face.

Madonna, the latest video shocks the fans

Of a hallucinating ugliness! To think that I once found her beautiful. And she does not come in with age but with the crap of plastic surgery she has undergone. You look like one of those bad aliens! Some kind of demon. Really bad!“.

Social reactions

But what happened to Madonna? Fans of the Italian-American pop star are worried and bewildered. In the last few hours, the singer has returned as a protagonist on social media, obviously provocative as always. However, her image of her this time has gone viral, and not because of the sensuality of her shapes that she usually shows off with hot shots that leave little room for imagination. To frighten all her followers was in fact her disturbing face. The artist was shown in the foreground, with very swollen face and lips, eyes almost closed as they are pulled sideways, no expressive wrinkles and then teeth covered with tiny diamonds. Her right incisor is then coated with blue enamel, to give a hint of matte color to all that blinding brilliance of her. Not exactly the most calming and soothing aspect. Also for this reason in many of her they went wild among her comments, asking her without too many words:But you’re fine?. And there are those who want the “old” Madonna.It seems that you are not satisfied with herself, you do not accept her normal appearance. I can no longer say that she is beautiful, I do not know why she is making all this mess, there must be a reason! Madonna, your career is brilliant, your music will talk about you, you are already in the history of music. You don’t have to prove anything. Please BE MADONNA“.

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The video goes crazy on social networks

The video that in a few hours has totaled 140 thousand views, is all a provocation. As if his image that scares the followers were not enough, the pop star accompanies the face with little drawings, mustaches, crowns and black circles appear and disappear from the face of the star who in the meantime touches her lips with long rounded nails covered with rings and applications various. “You seem like a freak to me now, how sad my myth, Madonna, reduced like this … without having been able to accept your age, you could have been a beautiful Aged woman, an example of a mature woman in shape and natural but you are swollen with Botox and redone to bbestia what a disappointment

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