Giorgia sings “Luce” with Elisa

Giorgia sings “Luce” with Elisa
Giorgia sings “Luce” with Elisa
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Concetta Rizzo, Giuseppe Caruana
02 September 2022 10:41


A hug that lasted 20, interminable, seconds. Black dress and bandana on her head, Giorgia last night-at the Valle dei Templi theater-she made her dream come true: she sang “Light (Sunsets to the north east)” with Elisa. The record producer herself called her to the San Gregorio piano stage. And Giorgia, of course, couldn’t believe it. “We, if we can, grant wishes” – Elisa said, after hugging the girl -. And hearing her name, Elisa had no doubts: “Giorgia, your name is Giorgia. The name already promises well I would say …”.

Giorgia had written on a billboard: “I would like to sing ‘Light’ with you”. And the young woman’s dream came true. “Talk to me like the wind among the trees, talk to me like the sky with its land .. I have no defenses but .. I have chosen to be free. Now the truth is the only thing that matters … tell me if you do something, if you are hearing me .. you will take care of everything I have given you, tell me we are in the same tear as a sun and a star, light falling from the eyes … “.

Girls in tears and mothers and fathers hugging their children: standing ovation for Elisa in the Valley of the Temples

At the Tommaso Paradiso concert, Simone – realizing his dream – asked his Alessia in marriage. At Elisa’s live, Giorgia, very excited, sang with her favorite singer-songwriter. “… The sun talks to me about you, the moon talks to me about you, you will take care of everything I have given you even if inside a tear …”.

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Simone asks Alessia to marry: “Can I make you happy all your life?”, Tommaso Paradiso with “All the nights” seals a great love

At the live of the forty-four-year-old Elisa Toffoli was also present, among the authorities, the prefect of Agrigento: Maria Rita Cocciufa.

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