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Spoils of money. If digital has changed the rules of the game, some rock stars have had time to experience the golden age of the music business. They have accumulated assets that would be envied and, in many cases, they have even increased them with lucky investments or prudent management. This is the case of Bono Vox, Mick Jagger or Jon Bon Jovi who have also become very smart businessmen. The list of rock scrooge’s is long and includes sacred monsters from the 60s but also stars from the 70s and 80s. Until the music industry thrived with millionaire sales of vinyl and CDs.

In the special ranking of the richest rock stars on the planet, in tenth place we find Roger Waters with an estimated assets of 270 million dollars. Maybe the legal battles with the former Pink Floyd teammates have thinned the coffers but he continues to get busy. Jon Bon Jovi reaches 275 million, has signed dozens of hits and his band continues to have a very strong appeal to the public. He has also made important real estate investments that have earned him quite a bit. One step ahead of him in the ranking is the mask of Gene Simmons with his 300 million dollars. The Kiss bassist is in eighth position and will also earn his life because the band is putting its mark on everything. In seventh place is Bruce Springsteen with 300 million in his checking account. The Boss continues to make fans fall in love with every concert, cheering them with stellar performances for more than three hours. A few years ago, at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, Springsteen continued to play even after midnight, despite the spotlights having been on for a while. And much of his luck derives from live shows. We thus enter the hot zone of the standings and a Rolling Stones certainly could not miss. In sixth place we find Keith Richards with his 330 million dollars. Ringo Starr answers him very tightly. The former Fab Four owns $ 350 million and real estate everywhere. The former Beatles drummer sees Mick Jagger in fourth place with 360 million. In addition to being on the crest of the wave for 60 years, Mr. Jagger is also a very attentive businessman.


The podium of the Scrooge of rock is clear. On the bottom step sits Elton John with $ 450 million, concerts and homes in Las Vegas. Basically a money machine. In second place is Bono with 650 million. A ton of money earned between albums and tours. His own band, U2, is among the richest ever. Not all of them, though. As a very savvy businessman, much of Bono’s estate is his own. But everyone must look up at Baronet Sir Paul McCartney, who has a net worth of $ 1.2 billion. We are talking about the only billionaire rock star who has sold more than 100 million albums and who, despite having just turned 80, continues to tour the stadiums playing live. Chapeau.

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