The first rock singer-songwriter, the music of Ivan Graziani in the Atrium of the Municipality of Mesagne

The first rock singer-songwriter, the music of Ivan Graziani in the Atrium of the Municipality of Mesagne
The first rock singer-songwriter, the music of Ivan Graziani in the Atrium of the Municipality of Mesagne
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“The first rock singer-songwriter” is the book by Paolo Talanca, Crac editions, which tells the great Ivan Graziani. The author presents it in Mesagne on Saturday 3 September at 7.30 pm in the Cloister of the former Capuchin Convent, seat of the Municipality. After the greetings of the mayor Antonio Matarrelliintroduces the evening Alessia Galianodirector of the municipal library “Ugo Granafei”.

Paolo Talanca is a music critic and lecturer. He writes for Daily fact And Futurecalls himself “a colorblind designer of smiles on the windows”.

Born in Pescara in 1979, he graduated in Literature with a thesis on Guccini, Gozzano And Montale. He then specialized in modern philology with a work entitled “Pier Paolo Pasolini in the Italian songwriting: Fabrizio De André and Francesco De Gregori” and attended the master in journalistic criticism organized by the National Academy of Dramatic Art ‘ Silvio d’Amico ‘. He is currently the artistic director of the Civic School of Music and Theater of Montesilvano, for fifteen years he was editor of the editorial staff and of the sections ‘Authors of text’ and ‘Musicare i poeti’ of Lunezia Award. She taught History of popular music at the “Luisa D’Annunzio” Conservatory of Pescara and is a member of the jury that assigns the plaques to Tenco Award, for which he is responsible for the artistic commission. He therefore alternates teaching, music critic and artistic director activities. The numerous events that see him as organizer are linked by a common denominator: the enhancement of the Italian songwriting, an activity that has led him to direct and curate concerts and concert-interviews with some of the greatest Italian songwriters. Between these Roberto Vecchioni, Niccolò Fabi, Samuel Bersani. For years, the author has documented, through the results of his research, how the song of the author represents an artistic expression “autonomously literary”. Among his publications: “Images and poetry in contemporary songwriters” (Bastogi, 2006); “Nudes of song. Navigating the genres of Italian song through the musical-literary value” (Zona, 2010; Arcana, 2019); “Between the Via Emilia and the West. Francesco Guccini, the roots, the places, the poetics” (Hoepli, 2019).

A dialogue in music with the author, recalling some of the most important and well-known pieces of the production of Ivan Grazianithere will be musicians Roberto Romanelli And Paolo Mauro. For years, a lover of the music of the famous author who died in 1997, Romanelli is the founder of the “Ivangarage Band”, as well as being the promoter of numerous musical projects and countless concerts, in different regions, held in the name of the unforgettable music of the Teramese singer-songwriter. Paolo Mauro is the historical component of the band “Blu70”, a lover of author music, has to his credit a vast repertoire including various tributes to various authors and songwriters, from Franco Califano to Pino Daniele. The initiative is organized by the municipal administration as part of the summer festival and the “Mesagne Città che Legge” project. Free event.


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