Arisa, fans anxious for the singer: “She was operated on”. What is happening

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These are exciting hours for the many fans of Arisa. The singer canceled the concert scheduled in Velletri on 2 September due to a health problem. The announcement appeared on the Instagram profile of L ‘International Musica and Art: “We are sorry to announce that the Arisa concert in Velletri, scheduled for September 2nd in Piazza Cairoli, has been canceled. The artist needs a rest period until September 3, due to a health problem “

What has Arisa, meanwhile, has disappeared from social networks

The tam tam runs wildly on social media and users have noticed that the singer has not published anything for a few days. An unusual event, considering that she updates her followers on a daily basis with photos and stories that reflect her everyday life.

At the moment it is not known what Arisa’s health problem is, but sifting through Facebook we have traced back to a post from the Proloco di Velitrae, the country in which she was supposed to perform, which even speaks of surgery.


Farewell to Vito Coppola after Dancing with the Stars

The singer’s summer was marked by a sentimentally speaking very delicate period, which she never covered up. She the artist has in fact closed her relationship with the dancer Vito Coppola, known in the program Dancing with the Stars of which she was the protagonist last season. An overwhelming love, however, which lasted a few months which put her to the test.

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On Instagram Arisa has never hidden her suffering for the farewell to Vito and has also spoken about it several times. It seems, however, that today they have remained on good terms, so much so that the dancer, a few weeks ago, on the occasion of her birthday, dedicated some beautiful words to her through a short message entrusted to Instagram.

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