“It’s frustrating, but the creative process has to be respected”

“It’s frustrating, but the creative process has to be respected”
“It’s frustrating, but the creative process has to be respected”
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Who is a fan of Tool he knows: to listen to a new album by the band, often you have to wait a long time. Maybe too much, considering that between the last album Fear Inoculum of 2019 and the previous one, 10,000 Daysthey passed 13 years. The frontman Maynard James Keenan he had his say on the subject, perhaps also in response to the many speculations and ironies that have arisen in recent years on the subject.

During an interview with Rick Beato, the lead singer of Tool, A Perfect Circle And Puscifer admitted that the long creative process of his first band can be frustrating, but at the same time appreciate being able to use this time to be creative in other ways and contexts – like, in fact, his other projects. Indeed, Keenan would attribute being part of multiple bands not so much to his vast musical taste as mainly to the amount of free time.

The Tool guys take longer to process information, put it together and present me with something that I can start building something on – the words of the frontman – In the past I made the mistake of trying to work on something that wasn’t ready yet, and after all the work I had put into it, maybe the foundations changed. If I’m decorating a house and then move the doors or windows or add a floor, I have to start over […]. I have to wait for them to do theirs, so there is time. I have time to do all these other things in between because I can and I have to“.

For Keenan it is essential, for his part but also for the fans, to learn to understand and respect all these creative phases: “One could argue that a little discipline and a little encouragement […] they would help these guys to be faster, but this is their process, you just have to stick to it. I’m sure [i fan] they are frustrated with me because they let me know“.

A few months ago, Tool drummer Danny Carey assured everyone that their next album wouldn’t take as long as Fear Inoculum to come out. So, we just have to wait, but maybe not too long.

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