Mourning for a former protagonist of the Sanremo Festival: they are all petrified

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Sad day for a former protagonist of the Sanremo Festival, who will have to face a very serious mourning: it happened in the last hours.

Mourning for one of the former protagonists of the Sanremo Festival, who in these hours is facing the death of his beloved brother. The news left everyone petrified: the farewell post on social networks.

The sad farewell of one of the former protagonists of the musical event (via Ansa Foto)

A tragic death shocked the world of Sanremo. In fact, in these hours Fabio Zanello, brother of Tommaso, rapper and record producer from Rome, known to the public as Piotta, has disappeared. This was announced by the Roman artist who wanted to dedicate a moving post to his brother on his social profiles. So let’s go and see the words used by Piotta to greet Fabio, his brother.


Sanremo, Piotta mourns the death of her brother: “Have a good trip”

Piotta’s message for her missing brother (via Instagram)

Piotta then greeted his brother with a message on social media. In fact, on his profiles we read: “For many you were the Professor. For all you were Fabio. Just to me you were my big brother. F.Have a good trip through the Bard. With all the love I can!“.

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Then he then wanted to make a dedication to him with verses taken from a book of his brother: “First the earth dissolves in water, then the water dissolves in fire. Fire dissolves in the air, and the air then dissolves in consciousness. That same consciousness then enters the Clear Light“. Difficult moment therefore for the historic Roman rapper, who will also have to face the disappearance of his brother.

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