Sassari, in mid-July the big concert for Gavinuccio: on stage the history of dark and rock

Sassari, in mid-July the big concert for Gavinuccio: on stage the history of dark and rock
Sassari, in mid-July the big concert for Gavinuccio: on stage the history of dark and rock

SASSARI – The concert for Gavinuccio Canu, “Non si podet iscantzellare: sezzidi e asculta”, will take place on 13, 14 and 15 July 2022 in Piazza Monica Moretti in Sassari and will be a tribute to all those songs that Gavinuccio he loved viscerally and wanted them to be played, one day, in his memory. The event, sponsored by the Municipality of Sassari, is included in the Sassari Summer 2022 program.

It is organized by the Cultural Association Gavinuccio Canu born in Sassari in March of this year, following the tragic death of the artist, thanks to the will of the family and a group of musician friends. The association is non-profit, and its aim is to keep alive the sense of the artistic parable of Gavinucciocomposed of many songs, lyrics and drawings.

Gavinuccio Canu was born, in fact, as a singer of the post punk group Atro, which he founded with the brothers Giovanni and Sebastiano Pala in 1989, with whom he produced two demotapes and released the album in CD SOS in 1997, and then continued as a solo singer-songwriter, writing songs in Italian and Sassari dialect. He has been, for new wave / post punk music in Sardinia, a point of reference for many, not just musicians, and for many groups with whom he has collaborated in numerous projects both as a singer and as an artist with great irony, intelligence and talent.

Groups that have made the history of new wave and post punk music in Sardinia join the initiative, free of charge: Marco Noce ex Maniumane, Nero Sensibile, Anonimia, Disorder, or Acrimonia with Stefano Idili from Alghero ex Autosuggestion , The Cut and the Closer ex Hopera, the Seven Miles, the Negative Nelly or ex Ozelo and ex Primochef Del Cosmo, Lisandru, with the project Lisar and the Atro, from Sassari; Max Atzori ex Pagan Place, from Macomer; the Lacrime di Cera da Ghilarza; the Quartz from Padru; Antennah, Dorsell with Gigi Moi ex Rosa delle Ceneri, Black
Solanas, i (P) neumatica, i Dorian Gray, from Cagliari; the Loono and Vanvera ex Arte del Failimento, from Villacidro. Guests are Franti, a hardcore folk group, originally from Turin, with Stefano Giaccone on guitar and Massimo D’Ambrosio on accordion. Twenty groups that will alternate on stage, over the three days, interspersed with Davide’s DJ set
Merlini who will also take care of the technical part of the event on behalf of the association together with the ofnico Mattia Mulas.

There is an entrance ticket of € 7.00 for each of the three days, or a subscription of € 15.00 for the entire festival. For the members of the association Gavinuccio Canu, admission is free. All information on purchasing tickets or passes, together with the detailed program, will be available on the website and on the dedicated social channels. The Cultural Association Gavinuccio Canu thanks the musicians who will alternate on stage in the three evenings and those who will participate in the next initiatives; the partners, individuals and companies who have supported the realization of this concert for Gavinuccio; all the members of the association and those who, we hope, will soon want to become one; the Municipality of Sassari, Department of Culture and Tourism, for having believed in the initiative.

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