3 movies about the king of rock to watch after Baz Luhrmann’s biopic

3 movies about the king of rock to watch after Baz Luhrmann’s biopic
3 movies about the king of rock to watch after Baz Luhrmann’s biopic

Elvis by Baz Luhrmann has arrived in Italian cinemas and, whether you have already gone to the cinema or are waiting for the weekend to do so, we want to advise you 3 films dedicated to Elvis Presley released before the new biopic with Austin Butler.

The first and most famous is Elvis the king of rock by John Carpenterwith Elvis Presley played by the iconic Kurt Russell, who from this very title began to collaborate periodically with the director of Halloweenwith whom he would work in the years following Escape from New Yorkthe cult fantahorror The Thing, Big trouble in Chinatown And Escape from Los Angeles. The film, released two years after Elvis died in 1977has the particularity of focusing only on the golden years of the king of rock’s career, reaching up to 1970. A curiosity? A young Kurt Russell had worked with Elvis in the 1963 film Blondes, redheads, brunettes by Norman Taurog.

The second film that we propose is Elvis & Nixondedicated to the true story of the meeting between the king of rock and the president of the United States Richard Nixon: the two characters are played respectively by Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey, who with this project – released in 2016 – returned to the oval studio after the success of the tv series House of Cards. In recent days, among other things, Baz Luhrmann announced a 4-hour version of Elvis, a director’s cut that among the cut scenes will include that of the meeting between Elvis and Nixon (although it’s unclear at the moment who played the president in the Warner Bros movie).

The third, released in 2002 and became a real cult, is Bubba Ho-Tep: The king is here by Don Coscarelliwith Bruce Campbell in the role of an Elvis you just do not expect: in this regard we do not want to spoil the surprise, so go for it!

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