fashion inspirations from Asia and Korea

Many inspirations come from Asia to inspire us for our most pop and colorful looks: let’s see how!

Precise make-up and porcelain skin

The Korean beauty routine is legendary: women and girls in Korea are very attentive to their skin and treat it with very special and natural products, following a very specific routine. It goes without saying that their face has skin that lends itself well to makeup, which they do not fail to take advantage of! The make-up is always precise to the detail, the skin smooth and uniform with carefully dosed and never exaggerated blushes, eyes and lips in the foreground, but without obtaining a “mask” effect.

Pink everywhere

If you love pink, this style is for you! You can choose the nuance you prefer, from fuchsia to peach pink, and wear it almost anywhere: outerwear, tops, dresses, accessories, bags, shoes, make-up, nail art … so on and on and on!

K-Pop and kawaii: Asian fashion inspirations

Very full and oversized looks

In Asia they love to overlay the pieces one on the other: the oversized shirt over the dress or t-shirt (over her too), worn over shorts or a skirt, very opaque socks and platform shoes (watch out for the ankles) and many accessories : hat, bag, fanny packs, bijoux… in short, don’t be afraid to load the whole.

K-Pop and kawaii: Asian fashion inspirations

The girly accessories

In Asia when it comes to cartoon pop there is everything and more: choose the character you like best and use it to decorate your look! Canvas bags, pins, key rings, but also mobile phone covers, notebooks, pens, diaries, various stationery… and I recommend you, all always in pastel shades!

K-Pop and kawaii: Asian fashion inspirations

Nothing is left to chance!

Even the little things make the difference: details such as earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets can be personalized and enriched with charms and details that speak of you and your tastes: nothing is left to chance! Obviously, the color that reigns is always pink in all its shades: if you are brave enough, you can even dare a themed hairstyle!

K-Pop and kawaii: Asian fashion inspirations

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