the Barcelona Rock Fest show at risk?

On 21 June, the organizers of the Barcelona Rock Fest shared some updates on the festival on the Facebook page of the event. Among these was a comment concerning the MANOWAR:

“As of today, June 21st, the situation is complex.

For months we have been wanting to sign a contract that clearly and precisely reflects the agreements reached, without last-minute requests.

Signing a contract in clear, understandable and error-free terms that ensures their performance is a really complicated job and ten days before the festival we continue to try in all possible ways. We have been working on it every day for some time.

With that, we’re not saying they don’t intend to play, but we don’t know what’s going to happen right now, strange as it may sound.

In the meantime, with the utmost respect for you and the other artists who will perform at the festival, tickets for Thursday 30 June will go on sale next Saturday 25 June via and
We are very sorry for this situation for all of you who support the Barcelona Rock Fest and especially for fans of MANOWAR

Among the numerous comments on the post, we read this from the organizers themselves:

“The Barcelona Rock Fest did not announce i MANOWAR random. Sometimes the contracts come at the last moment, even if there is already an agreement that allows to announce the group at the festival. On the official website of the MANOWARin fact, the concert has always been announced, as you can see [segue screenshot del calendario dei concerti presente sul sito della band]. This does not happen by accident, but because an agreement has been reached. But sometimes the other party decides to change things unexpectedly “

A few hours later, i MANOWAR they replied as follows on their social channels and on the official website:

“About the Barcelona Rock Fest 2022
In response to the publications of the Barcelona Rock Fest on its official social pages about our performance scheduled for June 30, 2022, we must communicate the following:
First, we must clarify that what is stated in their announcement is not true.
The promoter of the festival ei MANOWAR reached an agreement in June 2020 on the performance of MANOWAR to the Barcelona Rock Fest; otherwise we would not have authorized and supported the festival announcement regarding our participation, nor their commitment to promotion.
The promoters of this festival are now trying to unilaterally change the agreed terms.
The greatest wish of the MANOWAR is reuniting with their Spanish fans and playing at the Barcelona Rock Fest. This will only be possible if the agreed terms are respected by the promoters.
We are ready to honor our commitments under the covenants and have made considerable efforts to prepare for this show. The only ones who are refusing to do their part are the promoters of Barcelona Rock Fest, who ask to change the significant terms of the agreement at the last minute.
We are confident that the situation will be resolved and that the festival promoters will finally respect the agreements, so that fans of the Barcelona Rock Fest will be able to see the headliners that have been advertised for June 30, 2022.
Unfortunately, there have been several problems with the organization this year, which we hope will not come to light.
THE MANOWAR they reiterate that they are ready to play at this year’s festival if an agreement is found. We are very sorry for the problems caused by promoters to fans.
The situation in Spain does not affect our other performances already scheduled.

Developments are awaited on the affair.

THE MANOWAR they are not new to last minute cancellations. In 2019 the band canceled their headlining show on the day of the event.Hellfesteven in that case claiming that the organizers had “hindered” their performance and even threatening to take legal action.

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