Albano could be back with her, the fans are already delirious

According to some rumors it would seem that Albano could return with her and the news filled the many fans with joy.

He made the history of music in our country himself, a singer recognized not only in Italy but also internationally, Albano Carrisi, his voice is special, it makes even the deepest chords of the soul vibrate, building an incredible and lasting career over time.

His skill and great talent have always been on his side, but it is undeniable that what a wonderful historical period has also won the hearts of Italians. in which he sang in tandem with his ex-wife Romina Power.

Even if it wasn’t the two of them singing it, but surely they could be defined the most beautiful couple in the world, together they have created timeless hits, which still today, after years and generations, still remain the cornerstones of our musical history. Among the songs that best represented them it is obviously impossible not to mention Happiness, Rogue Nostalgia and There will be.

Albano and the great career… not just Romina

Albano is still very young when he decides to leave his beloved land that gave him his birth, Puglia, to move to Milan in search of that much-dreamed fame and success. initially the singer works at the Il Dollar restauranton this occasion he meets Pino Massera, from that moment his life changes.

He is a producer of the Celentano-Massera record company, in that period they are looking for new talents and the meeting with Albano is truly written in destiny. In fact, in 1967 the first and great success of the singer came out, the song In the suna chain mechanism is triggered that marks the life of Albano.


The song quickly becomes a musician and to be the protagonist guess who we find? Well yes, a very beautiful and very young Romina Power.

It could really be said that the rest is history, the two meet and from that moment on they never leave each other, their love story is not simple, families disagree with their union for several reasons, but their bond becomes closer and deeper every day that breaks down any barrier and in 1970 they get married.

Theirs is a partnership not only romantic, but also artistic, in fact they begin to perform as a couple and give life to the indelible songs Nostalgia Canaglia and Felicità, with time the children also arrive Ylenia, Cristel, Yari Marco and Romina Yr.

Theirs really feels like a bond that nothing and no one can ever destroy, but something goes wrong, suffer a real tragedy who from that moment sets up a destructive machine for the couple, their eldest daughter disappears in 1994, Albano himself confesses that for him it is a wound that is always open.

The couple who until then had made the whole of Italy dream, begins to collapse under the weight of the situation and many other cracks are created that destroy the relationship, so in 1999 they divorced and took different paths. Over the years they have rebuilt their lives and have also managed to reconnect with each other, so much so that they return to sing together to the delight of all the fans.


Albano could go right back with her

An indiscretion is circulating that sees Albano as its protagonist, it would seem that the great singer from Cellino San Marco could resume the role of coach in the talent The Voice Senior, under the conduction of Antonella Clerici, the news is that he could return with his daughter Jasmine.

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