QVINTESSENCE: “Qvintessence” review

QVINTESSENCE: “Qvintessence” review
QVINTESSENCE: “Qvintessence” review

The debut of the Bolognese band between grunge and hard rock ’70 / 80

Qvintessence debut with this first album long delayed by the pandemic They immediately declared themselves adepts of Seattle soundin the long wake not so much of the nihilistic and punkish grunge of Nirvana, but of the one most indebted to the fundamentals of 70s hard rock, see Soundgarden and Pearl Jam under the heading.

Elective affinities aside, the homonymous first act of the Bolognese band is actually a collection of songs that looks towards territories that in the timeline of rock evolution are a little further behind than grunge: there is a lot of ’70s /’ 80s hard rock / heavy metal, even riffing and moods that wink at AC / DC or more street hair metal at the first Motley Crue, all dominated by a high-register and penetrating vocal performance, in the best tradition of the rock uvula of those same decades. Among the many, some passages reminded us of that of Byford of the semi-forgotten Saxon, from whose genuine heavy-metal and still sprinkled with blues the mood of the songs of ‘Qvintessence’ is not very far away (net of a good dose of epic less). In short, it is a variegated and timeless work, for better or for worse, which depending on the listener could sound like a good rock compendium or a shapeless mix, with the risk of penalizing even what is a work of writing. , execution and packaging more than enough.

Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt Qvintessence to try to prune the discourse a little and get closer to the essence (in fact) of the sound to which they refer, maybe let’s leave it confident and looking instead for that spleen grunge that, for example, evoke perfectly in the Nirvanian conclusion with One like me.

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