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Playing on stage with Green Day: Melita Leto Vuillermin’s dream come true

A sign reading ‘guitar player’ and a wait of over twenty-four hours to secure a seat in front of the stage. TO Melita Leto Vuillermintwenty-four of Quart, this was enough, added to a bit of luck, to get noticed by the singer of Green Day Billie Joe Armstrong, who has it on Wednesday, June 15 call on stage at the end of the concert at the Milan Hippodrome. But, more than luck, it was her passion that allowed her to replicate (and crown) a dream that she had already lived exactly five years earlier, in the same festival and on the same day.

“It almost seems like a sign of fate: I had already gone on stage at the Green Day concert June 15, 2017, also during the I-Days Festival ”, says Melita. “That time I was just singing, while at the end of this concert Billie Joe asked if there was anyone who could play the guitar. I have been playing it for twelve years and, knowing that he often calls some fans on stage, I had made a sign that said ‘guitar player’. A few other people had the same idea as me, but he came up to me and he told me to get on stage. We played the cover of Knowledge from Operation Ivy, then asked me my name and he gave me the guitar“.

That for Green Day is a love that has lasted for more than fourteen years and that has prompted Melita to dedicate her life to music. After Musical high schoolhas in fact moved to Milanwhere he is finishing his studies in Electronic music and working as a sound engineer at the Conservatory. Trying to carry on parallel musical projects and, above all, not to miss even a concert of his favorite rock and metal singers, from Green Day to Marylin Manson. “I had already gone on stage in several concerts, but the one where I thanked Billie Joe was perhaps the best day of my life.”

The article is in Italian

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