Music in entertainment: rock-inspired online games

Music in entertainment: rock-inspired online games
Music in entertainment: rock-inspired online games

Music enriches every moment: in intimacy or in sharing, musical notes have always accompanied every individual or interpersonal event, flanking everyday life with melodies that are now relaxing now pounding. In short, music is the great protagonist of history and society looks nostalgically to its evolution, where the rhythms pass from slow to syncopated, until they become pressing depending on the genre. Every period, every sector – from advertising to video games – reflects in music an expressive world to be listened to.

Italian music lovers: rock comes first

Italians love music and data confirms this incontrovertible reality. Specifically, the estimates have divided our people according to their preferences of use. According to the official report, 36% of Italians remain tied to physical devices while 41% opt for more innovative and digital media. Only less than 5%, on the other hand, say they listen to music sporadically or never at all. The national scenario is transparent: most of the population listens to countless musical contents every day.

The general predilection is inclined to free distribution: Italians choose the free version of platforms also available in the form of a subscription, such as YouTube and Spotify. With reference to the ranking of the most popular genres in Italy, in first place we find pop followed by rock, a timeless genre. The third place is more unstable and varies according to the age group of the listeners. Between 18 and 24 there is hip hop while the segment ranging from 25 to 54 prefers dance, unlike the over 55s, great listeners of classical music.

Music thrills the entertainment industry: rock-themed games

The all-Italian admiration for music is also visible in the growing entertainment sector. In 2021 the field of video games and online gaming recorded a total revenue of about 2 billion and 243 million euros while it is estimated that players have dedicated about 8 hours a week to recreational activities started on their respective consoles. In this regard, the saying also applies here “Rock never dies”: The evidence comes from the diffusion of games with characters, songs and scenarios symbolizing the history of rock.

One of the best rock games ever is Guitar Hero, made by RedOctane, Conky VE and Activision. The peculiarity of this video game is the peripheral device in the shape of a guitar, with keys that allow you to recreate the sound of a real guitar; instrument that increases the effective agency of the player, immersed in an increased musical atmosphere.

The well-known is also included in the list of rock-themed video games Guilty Gear, action game with quotes, characters and music refers to the world of metal; followed by Devil May Crya game with the soundtrack of the rock band Hostile Groove; or again, Journey Escape And Coin-op Journey, two video games dedicated to the American rock band Journey. In the end, Extreme Metal Racing is a car racing video game with a rock soundtrack and setting.

In entertainment, the melodic surprises are endless: rock works also attract the online gaming industry with slots inspired by famous rock bands. In the ranking we find, for example, themed play activities Guns n ‘Roses, available in advanced certified providers such as Starvegas; other rock game titles are Esqueleto Explosivo, Karaoke Party, Dj Wild, Megadeth.

Rock celebrities who are passionate about online gaming

Great rockers also love online gaming. In the list of celebrities passionate about gaming we find the most famous faces in the world of rock music. Among these are true heavy metal legends, such as Ozzy Osbourne, starring together with Jimi Hendrix and Motörhead in a slot signed by NetEnt. Still on the same genre, but more inclined to thrash and hardcore punk we have Scott Ian, professional tournament player all over the world.

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