Five rock albums that will remind you of summer

Five rock albums that will remind you of summer
Five rock albums that will remind you of summer

Summer is approaching, indeed, it has now arrived. The beautiful season begins to be perceived long before its arrival and we prepare ourselves in many ways and, above all, we also prepare ourselves to face everything with new music, for new sensations. Usually, with the change of seasons, the type of music that is heard also changes, which is why today five rock albums that could remember the summer will be proposed.

Queen, The Game (1980)

Could Queen be missing from this summer chart? Evidently, no. With fascinating sounds and always ready to offer materials for every situation and every kind of listening, one of the proposed albums is just that. On the other hand, here there are iconic traces of their repertoire such as Crazy Little Thing Called Love or Another One Bites The Dust.

Guns N ‘Roses, Appetite for Destruction (1987)

This is perhaps the most famous album of the acclaimed band or at least the one that contains the best known tracks of all. In truth, several successful albums were released in the summer of 1987, but this is certainly among the most well-liked by the public, not to mention the success of the copies sold.

Radiohead, OK Computer (1997)

Masterpiece par excellence of the band according to some common opinions and according to some critics. this album arrives at the end of the nineties, crossing many innovations and bringing a whole new air to the band. The air is quite dreamy, and it is clear that it is a work of experimentation, which has not failed to deal with very important issues, such as capitalism.

Green Day, American Idiot (2004)

Not even Green Day could exempt themselves from this summer chart, just as one of their most acclaimed albums could not go unnoticed, so much so that they were defined as a band. By dealing with themes that are found immediately after the fall of the twin towers, this album incorporates the malaise of those years, while at the same time being a more than successful rock product.

Muse, Black Holes and Revelations (2006)

Also perfect for the summer, it is one of the most important albums in the band’s discography. Loaded, full-bodied and full, it does nothing but charm the listener.

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